Administrative Regulation 10.09-2

SUBJECT: Priority Response Policy of Code Compliance Complaints ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: County Administration


  1. The following guidelines and procedures are designed to facilitate appropriate responses to citizen calls regarding alleged Code Compliance violations. For the purposes of this document, the term “Department” shall mean the Department of Planning and Development, Code Compliance Division staff.
  2. Complaints alleging hazardous conditions, which comprise material endangerment if in combination or alone, the conditions are substantial and expose the public to danger or peril must receive a priority response from the Department. 
  3. Code Compliance Officers are authorized to initiate enforcement action on complaints involving a violation of health, safety, and welfare without a citizen complaint being filed.

A. Response Priority I (one working day) 

Alleged code violations that comprise material endangerment and expose the public to danger or peril, including but not limited, to: 
  • Dangerous structures likely to partially or completely collapse, including slum, blighted, and unsafe structures. 
  • Abandoned vacant or unoccupied buildings, except those under construction, which are open to entry by unauthorized persons without the use of keys or tools 
  • Unpermitted Construction 
  • Abandoned appliances with doors attached 
  • Any other condition which violates County ordinances or codes, which exposes the public to risk, peril, or danger 
  • Commissioners complaints 
B. Response Priority II (two working days) 
Code violations that create an attractive nuisance to children, vagrants or criminals or which are by nature damaging to the environment and irreparable or irreversible including, but not limited to: 
  • Unpermitted tree cutting of specimen trees on undeveloped land
  • Unpermitted filling and grading in protected wetland areas, drainage areas, and drainage ponds 
  • Unpermitted burying of rubbish 
  • Unauthorized irrigation. 
C. Response Priority III (three working days) 
  • Staff complaints 
  • Road right of way violations 
  • Land Development Code violations not listed herein 
  • Junk, abandoned property, and inoperable, unlicensed vehicles 
  • Overgrown and vegetative material 
  • Unlawfully dumped debris 
  • Noise Complaints 
  • Site checks 
  • Signs 
  • Driveway Apron Violations

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes A.R. 10.09 dated May 10, 2005, December 7, 2010