Administrative Regulation 11.08-1

SUBJECT: Policy and Procedures Establishing Municipal Service Benefit Units for Street Lighting Districts  ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Public Works


The following is the policy and procedures of the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners with respect to Municipal Service Benefit Units for Street Lighting Districts within recorded subdivisions. The costs will be collected the same as ad valorem taxes and will be assessed by each Equivalent Residential Unit, (ERU).


A Homeowner's Association or a property owner representing the subdivision residents within the proposed lighting district shall submit a petition signed by fifty percent plus one (50% plus 1) of the property owners with improved parcels (residential dwelling) in the proposed assessment district to the Land Section. The Association or representative must contact and work with their local electric utility company and provide the following:

  1. The recorded plat or a map prepared by a licensed, professional engineer indicating the lots within the subdivision, and location of the proposed street lights within the subdivision.
  2. A separate cost figure determined by the electric utility company on company stationery for the number of lights needed, construction, installation, type of fixture and size of pole, energy costs, and any and all costs that are required for the project.

The completed petition, maps, and costs must be submitted to Land Section by August 1 to be considered in the following fiscal year's program. The deadline date for petition submittal may be changed and notice of such change provided in order to meet budget or legal constraints.

Land Section will send to those owners of improved property who signed the petition, a form to verify their signature. The form will be returned to Land Section within a given time frame. Without the return of required verified signatures the project will be placed inactive.

The First Public Hearing must be conducted prior to January 1st in accordance with Section 197.3632, Florida Statutes. The Second and Final Public Hearing will be conducted between June 1st and September 15th.

First year costs will include construction, installation, poles, energy, advertising for public notice, Property Appraiser's administrative and first year start up fees, and Tax Collector's administrative fees. These costs will be applied equally to each ERU.

Payment for mailing and staff time shall be prepaid by the Homeowner's Association or representative. The preliminary cost will be calculated on a per parcel basis with a minimum amount of $100.00. This cost will be reimbursed upon the approval of the Second Public Hearing and said costs will be assessed to the affected property in the overall assessment for the project.

The representative will be notified of the First Public Hearing with preliminary cost figures. All affected property owners will be notified of the Second Public Hearing with final cost figures.

Contact Land Section Office at 352-527-5460 for the “Petition Form”

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR's: Supersedes AR 11.01 dated April 10,2001.