Administrative Regulation 11.09-1

SUBJECT: Policy and Procedure Establishing Street 
Identification Signage on Private Roads 


It is the intent of the Board of County Commissioners to establish street name signage for the purpose of public safety and to provide assistance to property owners living on private roads in establishing street name signage for the sole purpose of public safety. The following is intended to outline the procedures of the Board of County Commissioners with respect to placement of County-prepared street signage on private roads which are open to the general motoring public. 


The Board of County Commissioners finds that pursuant to the authority of Florida Statue 316.006 (3) and (4) as well as Chapter 87-88, Laws of Florida, that a valid public purpose (public safety) and function is served by the expenditure of public funds to effectuate the provision of this Administrative Regulation (as also AGO 83-84).


  1.  On an annual basis, the Board of County Commissioners will budget funds for the purpose of administering this program. The actual cost incurred by the County will be documented and presented to the BOCC annually to define budgetary needs
  2. Request for Signage Assistance - The Department of Public Works must be approached by an official representative of a Homeowner's Association/Civic Association on behalf of all present and future property owner within the subdivision with a completed Signage Request Application. The application must include the project area, proposed signage location(s), and authorization from the property owner(s) on whose property the street sign will be placed authorizing its placement.
  3. Preliminary Inspection and approval by the County - The Director of Public Works or his appointee shall review and approve the request for street signage to include the location and number of signs. The Director of the Office of GIS, or designee, will verify that all requested street signs are consistent with the street names on record with the Citrus County Emergency Operations Center. Approval to proceed will be contingent upon  available funds. 
  4. Upon successful completion of the above, The Citrus County Department of Public Works or a private contractor under contract to the County shall provide all work and materials to install the street signs. The standard color of private street signs will be blue lettering on a solid white background. 
  5. Ownership, maintenance, and liability rest solely with the applicant. If a sign(s) is stolen or damaged, and the applicant desires replacement, said service can be provided upon submittal of the full replacement cost as determined by Public Works staff. Board approval shall not be necessary for replacement signs, provided they are placed in the same location as originally placed.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR's: Supersedes AR 11.09 dated March 26, 2002.