Administrative Regulation 12.03-6

SUBJECT: Rules and Regulations on Use of County Recreational Facilities ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Department of Community Services


To establish rules and regulations relating to the use of County recreation facilities, playgrounds and athletic fields that falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Community Services


  1. Unless otherwise expressly stated, whenever used in this Administrative Regulation, the following terms shall respectively mean and include each of the meanings as set forth below:
    1. DIRECTOR – shall mean Director of Parks and Recreation for Citrus County, a Division of Community Services. 
    2. PARK – shall mean all parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools, beaches, all other recreational facilities, nature preserves, roads, and entrances and approaches to parks or parts thereof. 
    3. PERMITS – shall mean any written authorization issued by or under the authority of the Director for a specified park privilege or to permit the performance of a specified act or acts in any park.
    4. USERS – shall mean any individual, group, organization or business that enters or utilizes a County Park, recreational facility or County owned or leased grounds.

  1. The provisions of this Administrative Regulation shall be construed as follows:
    1. Any term in the singular shall include the plural. 
    2. The prohibition of any act by this Administrative Regulation shall be deemed to include the prohibition against the aiding and/or abetting, directly, or indirectly, of such act.
    3. The provisions of this Administrative Regulation does not apply to acts performed by employees of Citrus County while in the line of duty or by any person, agents or employees under contract to or in cooperation with the County as established within their contract or service agreements.
    4. These rules and regulations supplement municipal, county, state, and federal laws and codes. Should a conflict occur, the law shall prevail over this AR.

  1. These rules and regulations shall be effective within all County Park property and shall regulate the use by all persons:
    1. The Director is authorized to establish additional rules and regulations relative to the use of any or all Parks as warranted by geography, topography, infrastructure, use or conditions.
    2. Users of the County Parks shall abide by all rules and regulations established by the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners, and shall obey all orders and directions of the Park officials or their designee’s. 
    3. Any violation of the rules and regulations established by the County shall be punishable by law, and may subject the violator to the immediate revocation of privileges and the cancellation of permit to County Parks. 
    4. All persons using County Parks do so at their own risk. 
    5. The County assumes no responsibility for loss of or damage to personal property. 
    6. All personal equipment and effects must be removed on a daily basis before the closing of the Park. Any equipment or effects left after closing will be removed by Park officials and will be disposed of pursuant to applicable regulation or policies. 

  1. Bathing: No person shall wade, swim or dive in any park waters except at such times and such places designated for such purposes. In every area of a park including designated bathing areas proper clothing in accordance with State and local law shall be worn. County staff has the right to request a patron to wear additional clothing or leave the park if the patron declines. 
  2. Camping: No person shall tent, camp, erect, or maintain a shelter or recreational vehicle in any Park except in any areas designated for such purpose or pursuant to a permit.
  3. Commercials, Films, Videos: No person or organization shall produce any commercial film or video for advertisement, cultural, documentary, educational or entertainment purposes without prior approval by the Board of County Commissioners. Approval is contingent upon the execution of an indemnity agreement and proof of acceptable insurance. 
  4. Concessions: 
    1. All requests to establish concessions with any Park are subject to review and approval of the Director and in accordance with the concession policies approved by the Board of County Commissioners.
    2. Concession operators must comply with all federal, state and local laws and codes. 
    3. The County has the right to permit concessions within Parks or County facilities. Fees may be charged to concessions as a condition of contract.
    4. The Director reserves the right to regulate the number of like vendors based on space available and scope of services needed at any location. The Director also will identify the number and location of concession sites at various parks throughout the County on an as-needed basis.
    5. Concession operators must furnish copies of all current operational licenses and permits to County staff along with the concession permit request yearly. Additionally, concession operators must furnish a certificate of insurance naming the “Citrus County, Florida, a political sub-division of the State of Florida” as “additional insured.” The certificate must show evidence of a comprehensive general liability policy with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and automobile liability insurance with a combined single limit of at least $300,00 for bodily injury and property damage. 
    6. Media Contact is to be coordinated with the Parks and Recreation Director prior to being released. 
    7. The Director reserves the right to regulate the type of vendor sales that are permitted for the term of the concession agreement.
    8. The County reserves the right to assign user fees when permits are issued for County parks, boat ramps, pier’s, and trail heads over 2 (two) hours or when users are charging fees for goods and/or services. 
  5. Fires: No person shall build or maintain a fire except in a suitable fireplace or barbecue grill provided for that purpose. When permitted a fire shall be continuously under care and direction of competent person. Upon conclusion of use the fire will be extinguished fully. No person shall discard any matches, cigars or cigarettes within any Park except in proper disposal containers. 
  6. Grills and Fryers: Upon approval of the Director, persons or organizations may bring portable barbecue grills into the Park where such facilities do not have grills sufficient for their purpose. Use of portable grills must comply with the safety guidelines and setback requirements as established by the Citrus County Sheriff Fire Rescue. All charcoal or wood burning grills must be at least 10’ from any structure and out of the way of all traveled pedestrian areas. Upon the conclusion of the event, all fire is to be extinguished and all coals are to be thoroughly doused with water. Coals and ashes are to be removed from the Park and not deposited in garbage receptacles, buried or dumped on the ground. Gas grills and fryers must be kept a minimum of 50’ from any building or structure in the Park and away from traveled pedestrian areas. Oil and grease from fryers is to be used and then removed from the Park. No oil or grease is to be deposited on the ground, buried poured into drains or poured in garbage receptacles.
  7. Media Contact: Publicity for co-sponsored events is to be coordinated with the Director prior to being released. 
  8. Meetings, Exhibits, Parades, etc.: 
    1. No person shall erect any structure, stage a performance or conduct a race, athletic contest, parade, hold a meeting, make a speech or oration, in any Park or upon any Park street, except by approval of the Director.
    2. The Director or an authorized representative may issue a permit upon application when deemed consistent with the proper use and protection of the Park property.
  9. Park Admittance: Except where otherwise specified, the use and enjoyment of the Parks shall be made available to all users. 
  10. Park Hours: All Parks shall be deemed officially closed to the public between sunset and sunrise except where otherwise designated by the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners. Parks may be closed by the Director in the event of severe weather conditions, health hazards or for renovation and repair when conditions warrant. 
  11. Peddling, Sales, Photographs: No person shall exhibit, sell or offer for sale or hire any object, merchandise or service except pursuant to a permit issued by the Director. No photographs shall be taken for advertising, commercial or publicity purposes except pursuant to a permit. 
  12. Permits: Acceptance of a permit shall constitute full agreement by the User, their representatives or employees to comply with all County regulations within this AR as well as any conditions or limitations included within the permit. Authorized activities will be limited to those referenced within the permit. The violation of any term or condition of a permit or of any law, code, rule or regulation by the User or the User’s representative or employees, shall constitute grounds for revocation of the permit by the Director or an authorized representative, whose action therein shall be final. In case of revocation of any permit, all monies paid on account thereof shall be forfeited to and retained by the County; and the User, together with the User’s representatives and employees who violated such terms and conditions, shall be jointly and severally liable to the County for any damages and loss suffered in excess of the money so forfeited and retained. Such forfeiture and retention by the County of such monies, nor the recovery or collection of damages shall relieve such person or persons from punishment for any violation of any law or County Ordinance or rule or regulation proscribed by the permit issued by the Director. 
  13. Permit Conditions: The following conditions as described on the permit will be  enforced by Parks & Recreation: 
    1. The area shall be left in the same or better condition than it was prior to the event. 
    2. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances of any kind are to be possessed or consumed within the Park. 
    3. Any news releases or media contact must be cleared through the Parks and Recreation Office when it involves park areas or facilities. 
    4. If the area is left in an unsuitable condition, a clean-up fee will be imposed. The minimum fee is $50.00. Fees will be established by Resolution.
    5. Parks and Recreation reserves the right to cancel any event due to poor weather conditions, poor field conditions or other mitigating circumstances. 
    6. County sponsored activity may take precedent over this permit. 
    7. Additional rules and regulations governing Park usage are contained in the Citrus County Code. 
  14. Picnics and Outings: Persons or organizations sponsoring picnics or outings are required to obtain permits prior to utilizing County Park facilities or equipment. 
  15. Protection of Plant and Animal Life: No person shall remove, destroy deface or disturb any plant or animal within any Park. The Director may authorize licensed trappers, Animal Control Officers, or other County employees or wildlife officials to remove nuisance wildlife.
  16. Reservations: The following procedures apply when requesting to reserve Park or Park facilities: 
    1. Individuals or groups requesting reservations should contact the Parks and Recreation office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Individuals or groups requesting reservations must submit a Facility Use Application at least 60 days in advance of requested date. 
    2. A Facility Use Application shall be submitted in hard copy or e-mail stating the date and time of the event, type of event, number of anticipated participants, event sponsors, and facilities requested, and any special requirements or other pertinent information relating to the activity or even. Certificate of Insurance may be imposed depending on the size and type of event.
    3. Requests for Special Events held as fund-raisers or community benefits which charge admission fees must be approved by the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners 60 days in advance of the requested date. Certificate of Insurance may be imposed depending on the size and type of event.
    4. All requests to waive facility user fees must comply with the established fee waiver criteria and be approved by the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners.
    5. Park authorities have the right to designate areas and revoke or modify area assignments.
    6. Banners and signs are prohibited unless permitted by the Director. Any approved sign may only be erected at the reserved area sites. Under no circumstances may signs or banners be secured to a tree or shrub. Requests to attach signs or banners to any building, pole, post, fence or other structure must be approved in advanced by the Director. 
    7. The Parks and Recreation office must be promptly notified of reservation cancellations in writing at least ten (10) business days prior to the date of the reservation. 
    8. To insure that athletic fields are not utilized in an abusive or damaging manner, County personnel will conduct visual checks of athletic field areas and observe the manner in which they are being utilized. If inclement weather persists, or any athletic field facilities usage condition is in question, County personnel may stop activity from taking place on said facility. 
    9. A Facility Use Agreement approved by the Board of County Commissioners, certificate of insurance, security deposit, usage fees, event security, traffic control and other requirements as deemed necessary may be imposed depending on the size and type of event. 
  17. Signs, Banners and Posters: Signs advertising public events of a recreational nature sponsored by outside organizations must be approved by the Director for activities sponsored by non-profit organizations and cannot be of a commercial or a partisan nature. 
  18. Drones in Park: Individual use of a drone, for recreational purposes, is permitted only in Lecanto Park and only between sunrise and sunset. There is to be no night flying. Users should be cognizant of others using the park, and shall not fly the drone around or near others in the park. Users are not to fly over people or fly in a reckless manner to endanger the welfare of others. User must stay within eyesight of the drone. No person shall remove, destroy, deface or disturb any plant or animal within the park for drone flying purposes. Drones must weigh less than 55 lbs. No use of flamethrowers, liquids, or flammables are permitted. A Facility Use Agreement may be needed if the drones are intended for racing/competitive purposes. User or organization will be required to meet County insurance requirements. Security deposit, usage fees, event security, traffic control may be imposed depending on the size of the event. User must provide detailed layout of course for Parks and Recreation approval. It is the responsibility of the user to install/build all items needed for the event. User must remove all course obstacles at the end of each event. The area should be left in the same or better condition than it was prior to the event.
  19. Pet Regulations: Dogs are allowed in County Parks as long as on leashes. There are approved dog walking parks in Citrus County. The following are approved dog parks in Citrus County: Beverly Hills Community Park, Bluebird Springs, Central Ridge District Park, Floral Park, Holden Community Park, Homosassa Area Recreation Park, Lecanto Community Park and; Water Tower Park. 

  1. Advertising: No person shall distribute any signs, banners or literature or present any visible or audible representation in any Park without permission of the Director.
  2. Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Substances: Consistent with Section 74-38, Citrus County Code, possession, consumption, distribution, or sale of alcoholic beverages in any park or facility owned or controlled by the County is prohibited. However, this prohibition shall not apply when a permit has been obtained from the director subject to the criteria and conditions of Administrative Regulation 12.08-7.
  3. Explosives: No person shall possess any fireworks or properties having such characteristics into any Park except for law enforcement agencies unless approved by the Director. 
  4. Littering, Refuse and Pollution: 
    1. No person shall bring refuse of any sort to be left or deposited in any Park. Those materials which become refuse after use within the Park must be placed in the receptacles provided or removed from the Park by the User. 
    2. No person shall cause any substance or gas to enter any drain, sewer, or receiving basin leading into any Park, which would tend to choke or impair the system, or which may result in the pollution of Park waters. 
  5. Loitering: No person shall remain or loiter in any Park after the designated closing time. 
  6. Prohibited Conduct: No person shall, in any Park: 
    1. Disobey or disregard any directions of a law enforcement officer, County employee, sign, rule or regulation posted on the grounds or buildings.
    2. Use threatening, abusive, obscene or insulting language. 
    3. Do any obscene or indecent act, as defined by the Penal Law of the State of Florida. 
    4. Throw stones or other objects not intrinsic to a sport. 
    5. No person shall in any Park, throw, catch, kick or strike any ball or other object, nor shall any person engage in any sport game or competition, except in places designated and pursuant to rules set forth by the Director. 
    6. Solicit for any purpose unless authorized by the Director. 
    7. Interfere with, encumber or obstruct passage in any Park. 
    8. Climb or lie upon any wall, fence or other structure. 
    9. Enter or leave any Park except at established entrances or exits and during established times.
    10. Attempt to use or gain admission to the facilities in any Park for which there is a charge without paying the established fee. 
  7. Property: No person shall injure, deface, alter, remove or destroy any property or equipment owned by Citrus County. 
  8. Unauthorized Collection of Fees: No one shall make or collect any fees or charges in any park unless approved by the Director.

  1. Traffic Control: All persons shall comply with the directions of law enforcement officers and County employees. 
  2. Restrictions on Vehicles:
    1. Commercial Vehicles: Vehicles, such as trucks and trailers constructed to or engaged in carrying of merchandise are prohibited from entering any Park except to make necessary deliveries or pickups. 
    2. Buses: No person shall drive or operate within any Park any bus adapted for more than nine passengers except as authorized by the Director. Parking may be restricted to designated areas. These restrictions do not apply to Citrus County Transit buses that are dropping off or picking up park visitors. 
    3. Off Road Vehicles/All Terrain Vehicles/Golf Carts: Off road vehicles/all terrain vehicles may not be operated in County parks unless licensed as a street legal vehicle and used as the primary transportation mode. No vehicles including motorbikes and golf carts may travel off road within any County parks unless approved by the Director. 
  3. Hitchhiking: No person shall attempt to stop any vehicle in any Park for the purpose of soliciting a ride 
  4. Parking: All vehicles are restricted to designated parking areas. Individuals in violation do so at their own risk and are subject to citation or removal of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. 
  5. Removal of Vehicles: All stalled or disabled vehicles must be removed from paved roadways and designated parking areas within a Park. If not removed by the owners, they may be removed by County employees or licensed tow operators designated by the Director at the expense of the owner. Neither the County nor 
    such licensed tow operators shall be liable for damages, which may result from such removal. No disabled vehicle shall be permitted to remain in a Park overnight without approval of the Director.
  6. Restricted Areas: No person shall operate a vehicle in any Park in any other area not designated for vehicular use by the public, except County personnel in the discharge of their responsibilities and motorized wheelchairs and scooters used to aid individuals with disabilities. 
  7. Speed Limit: Individuals are required to adhere to the posted speed limit at all times.  The established speed limit for all Parks shall not exceed 15 miles per hour.
  8. Towing: No person shall cause or permit a vehicle to be towed or pushed by another vehicle in any Park except that in the event of a breakdown, a disabled vehicle may be towed or pushed to the nearest exit.
  9. Vehicle Repairs: No visitor in any Park may grease, lubricate or make any repairs to vehicle except those of a minor nature in cases of emergency.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes: AR 12.03 dated February 1, 1983; AR 12.03-1 dated April 27, 1999, AR 12.03-2 dated February 9, 2010; AR 12.03-3 dated September 13, 2011; AR 12.03-4 dated May 28, 2013. AR 12.03-5 dated January 13, 2015.