Administrative Regulation 12.12-2

SUBJECT: Animal Services Operation ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Community Services


Citrus County Animal Services is responsible for providing shelter for the lost, stray, and unwanted animals of Citrus County. Animal Services is also responsible for developing, reviewing and administering the policies, procedures, and enforcement of State Laws and other applicable authority as it pertains to animal services in Citrus County


  1. The duties of the Animal Services Division shall be to :
    1. Provide support to the Sheriff’s Office in the enforcement of State Statutes and Citrus County Code Article 14, and other applicable authority pertaining to animals.
    2. Provide a shelter for animals impounded by the Sheriff’s Office.
    3. Provide a shelter for stray or surrendered animals.
    4. Educate the public about responsible and legal pet ownership.
    5. Provide for the quarantine of suspected rabid animals.
    6. Implement Emergency Support Function (ESF) 17 in time of emergency or disaster.
    7. Establish and operate a Pet Friendly Shelter in time of emergency.
    8. Provide for the humane disposition of impounded animals through, but not limited to, the following:
      1. Redemption to the owner
      2. Adoption
      3. Transfer to rescue organization
      4. Euthanasia and disposal
      5. Any other means of providing for the humane disposition of animals
    9. Issue County License Tags.
    10. Evaluate animals in support of the Sheriff’s Office in enforcement cases including generation of reports and direct testimony if warranted.
  2. Fee Waiver – On occasion, Animal Services is confronted with some unique situations. Animal Services must deal with live animals that are people’s personal property. The Animal Services Director or designee shall have some flexibility to waive fees in situations that arise in which the health or safety of an animal is affected or where an adverse hardship is placed upon the animal’s owner.
  3. Emergency Impoundment or Treatment – When a situation involving animal(s) occurs outside normal Shelter operating hours, staff members may be activated in an emergency situation to assist with impoundment and/or treatment.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes AR’s dated August 16, 1983 and March 3, 1987; AR 10.03 dated July 25, 2000; AR 12.12 dated May 11, 2010; AR 12.12-1 dated January 13, 2015.