Administrative Regulation 12.17

SUBJECT: Public Use of Library Meeting Rooms ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Community Services


The Citrus County Library System meeting rooms are valuable assets to the library system and the community. These rooms are made available for lawful use by educational, cultural, civic, charitable, political, religious, or professional organizations for non-commercial purposes.


Library and county sponsored programming has first priority for room reservation. An annually renewable schedule has been established for groups with ongoing reservations. However, when not in use for library or county sponsored programming or for annually renewed meetings, the meeting rooms will be available on a first come, first serve basis to other non-profit groups. 

Since the Citrus County Library System is a public institution supported by public funds, all programs offered must be open to the public at large. 

No group may charge admission to a meeting, solicit or collect a donation. The sale of materials necessary for certain training programs that lead to certification may be allowed upon approval by the Library Services Director.

  1. Nothing may be sold in the library, its meeting rooms or upon the library grounds unless library administration deems it supportive of the library’s mission and pre-authorizes the sale.
  2. Community meetings are to be held during regular library hours only. 
  3. Attendance is limited to the allowable capacity for the room. Should attendance exceed that capacity, voluntary reduction will be required, or the meeting will need to be cancelled and rescheduled to an alternative larger facility. 
  4. Organizations holding meetings assume responsibility for any damage to the room and its contents and will be charged for any necessary repairs or replacements.
  5. Upon conclusion of the meeting the room shall be restored to its original condition.
  6. There will be no smoking in any area of the county’s libraries.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes: AR12.07.02-1 dated 2/25/97, 12.07.02-2 dated July 28, 1998