Administrative Regulation 12.22

SUBJECT: Procedures for Leasing Transportation Services ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Community Services


Leased Transportation Services will be defined as the use of Citrus County Transit vehicles driven by qualified Citrus County Transit personnel for the transport of persons to and from an approved location and destination for a fee. The fee for leased transportation services must at a minimum include all tangible expenses incurred by Citrus County Transit during the provision of said services. 


  1. The Transportation Service Director shall approve and authorize all in county leasing that will occur within normal operating hours. 
  2. The Transportation Service Director shall approve and authorize all in county leasing that will occur outside of normal operating hours and all out of county leasing. 
  3. The County Administrator shall have the authority to waive any non-tangible fees, depreciation and administrative fees. 

Regularly scheduled daily services shall not be interrupted in order to provide leased services for any reason. 

All requests to lease transportation services must be received by the Transportation Supervisor or his/her designee a minimum of fourteen (14) working days prior to the date that the services are needed. Requests shall be accepted in writing only. 

The Transportation Supervisor or his/her designee shall schedule the leased services with regard to driver and vehicle and shall prepare an estimated budget and a lease Agreement for approval by the authorizing entity.
Any group, agency, organization, Division or Department Requesting to lease transportation services from Citrus County Transit must agree to the terms specified within the "Citrus County Transit Service Lease Agreement". All leased trips must conform to FTA Guidelines. 

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR's:  Supersedes AR 12.07.05 dated April 14, 1998; AR 12.07.05-1 dated October 27, 2009; AR 2.11 dated April 26, 2011.