Administrative Regulation 12.25

SUBJECT: Community Centers ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Community Services


To create a Code of Conduct for the Community Centers.


Members of the public are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that does not interfere with others and is in keeping with the nature of the community center’s programs and services. The Community Centers provide space for congregate dining, nutrition education, community speakers, recreation, activities and events. Anyone who disrupts or interferes with these activities is subject to removal from the building and/or restriction of community center privileges.

Behavior becomes unacceptable when it infringes on the rights of others, when it could result in injury to oneself or others, when it could result in damage to the building, materials or equipment. This kind of behavior includes:

  • Campaigning, soliciting, or petitioning in the community center
  • Elder or any other kind of abuse
  • Disturbing other patrons or staff by poor personal hygiene
  • Exhibitionism
  • Fighting
  • Gathering in disruptive groups that interferes with other participants or scheduled programs or activities.
  • Harassment, verbal or physical abuse of other community center participants or staff
  • Intoxication resulting from alcohol or drugs
  • Noise or talking which disturbs others
  • Use of obscene or inappropriate language
  • Sending, displaying, or printing of obscene material
  • Smoking, chewing, or dipping tobacco products
  • Turning the volume up too loudly on TVs, computers, or other media players
  • Use of wrong restrooms
  • Vandalism of the community center facilities or equipment
  • Vaping or use of electronic smoking devices
  • Voyeurism/peeping

The following may not be brought into the Community Center facilities:

  • Animals, except for “service animals”
  • Alcohol and/or Illegal drugs

Rehabilitative efforts for participants exhibiting unacceptable behavior include verbal instruction, providing a copy of the community center’s Code of Conduct, and removal from the community center and grounds.

In the instance that a participant consistently exhibits unacceptable behavior, and rehabilitative efforts have not proven successful, the participant’s community center privileges may be terminated.

In the instance that a participant is also a congregate meals client, the Department of Elder Affairs Grievance policies and procedures to terminate services must also be followed.