Administrative Regulation 13.05-8

SUBJECT: Street Name Changes ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Systems Management


  1. Citrus County has implemented a program which rationalizes the naming of the roadway system. During the period from 1983-1984, all components of the system were classified and assigned names based on the function, location, and historical precedent. In order to avoid duplication, many of the old street names were changed. 

    It is the intent of the County to achieve stability in the present system and provide for a method of changing names when justified and where such change is necessary to eliminate duplication, inappropriate, or confusing names. Recognizing that changes impose certain costs upon the public; including notification of public safety and utility agencies, map changes, and replacement of identification signs; it is the intent of this regulation to establish a procedure for such changes and a fee structure which offsets the major costs involved when a change is approved. All street name changes must comply with the Central Addressing System, AR 13.25 and Ordinance 2015-01.
    1. Applications for a change of street name shall be filed with the Department of Systems Management, GIS Division, which shall provide appropriate forms for said filing. Such applications shall only be considered when they eliminate a duplicate name or correct a name deemed to be inappropriate. An 
      exception shall exist for streets within a gated community.
    2. The individual initiating the petition shall be responsible for gathering signatures representing the owners of not less than 51 percent of the owners of improved property affected by the proposed change, who in signing certify that they agree with the proposed change. No new name shall be proposed which duplicates any other street name in the County. In addition, nicknames, family names, or other names/terms, which are deemed inappropriate, confusing, or difficult to pronounce, will not be considered.
    3. Upon completion of the application form, it shall be submitted, along with the current fee for such filing, to the Department of Systems Management, GIS Division. The Department of Systems Management, GIS Division shall confirm the proposed name as a unique identifier, shall verify the signatures on the petition, and determine the number of signs, which will need to be changed if the petition is approved.
    4. If the road is County maintained, the applicant is responsible for payment of the cost of all replacement signs, at the current cost of fabrication.
      1. If the road is privately maintained, the applicant is responsible for the purchase and installment of all needed street name signs, through a private sign manufacturer, except those instances where the road connects with a County maintained road.
      2. At those locations where a private street intersects with a County Road, the County will manufacture and install the street sign(s); however, the petitioner will be required to submit payment, at the current cost of fabrication, for each sign needed.
      3. Street name change applications shall not be accepted for roads that have been named or renamed within the past year. 
        In all instances cited above, the street name change shall not be deemed final until the street signs have been paid for and installed. 
    5. When the application is approved as valid by the Department of Systems Management, GIS Division, the petition shall be placed on the agenda for action by the Board of County Commissioners. A letter notifying all residents and property owners on the street in question shall be sent by the Department via first class mail. The letter shall inform them of the proposed name change and the date and time of the public hearing. The cost of the mailing shall be paid by the applicant prior to the public hearing date.
    6. Upon approval of a change, the Department of Systems Management, GIS Division shall notify all affected public agencies and utilities and shall amend the official street maps maintained by the County. The collection of all fees shall be the responsibility of the Department of Systems Management, GIS Division.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes A.R. 13.05 dated October 20, 1987, March 13, 1990, October 1, 1991, April 6, 1999, August 22, 2000, April 10, 2001, December 10, 2002, and March 10, 2015