Administrative Regulation 15.03-1

SUBJECT: Policies and Procedures for Notification and Connection to Citrus County Utilities ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Water Resources


The following guidelines and procedures are designed to establish a consistent procedure for notification of available service to a property owner by Citrus County Utilities and a policy regarding availability of service along roadways which are identified and funded for construction/expansion within the County’s Five-year Capital Improvement Program.


The Water Resources Department shall identify all improved properties, which qualify for connection to County utility lines as provided within Sections 42-39 and 41-141 of the Citrus County Code. When the utility mains are activated and certified operational, the Department shall notify all affected property owners by Certified Mail, return receipt requested, that connection must occur as provided within the Code or applicable Florida law. 

In cases where connection is required within one-year (365 days), a follow-up notice will be sent each quarter, by First Class Mail, as a reminder that compulsory connection is required. Should connection not occur within the required time frame, the case shall be referred to Code Compliance in writing along with all supporting documentation. 

However, when the service and/or affected property is located along a County roadway identified and funded for construction/expansion within the County’s Five-year Capital Improvement Program, connection may be deferred until construction is complete. In these cases, connection shall be required within 90 days of completion of the project. The Director of the Department of Public Works shall notify the Director of Water Resources that the road project is complete. The Director of Water Resources shall then send letters to affected properties along the completed roadway project that they now have 90 days to connect to utilities. 

FOOTNOTES & RELATED REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes AR 15.03 dated August 22, 2000.