Administrative Regulation 16.05-1

SUBJECT: Use of the Internet ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Systems Management


It is the intent of the Board of County Commissioners to establish coherent and consistent guidelines for the use of the Internet (World Wide Web). 


  1. Systems Management oversees the County’s high-speed connections to the Internet. These connections provide common outlets for all County employees trying to access the vast resources of the Internet. It also serves as a portal for Citizens to access the County’s website and internet-based services.
  2. During normal working hours, employees’ use must be restricted to websites related to normal County business. The employee is allowed to freely browse the Internet for personal reasons subject to the following restrictions: 
    • It can only occur during the Employee's break periods, during their lunch hour, and/or prior to clocking in. 
    • Non-employees (including family members) are prohibited from accessing the Internet via County resources except those provided for that purpose. 
    • Employees are allowed to view only tasteful and appropriate web content. 
  3. The following personal uses are prohibited at all times: 
    • Streaming audio (Internet Radio, Juke Boxes, etc.) not intended for prior approved educational and/or online meetings. 
    • Streaming video of any kind, except for BOCC Board Meetings or online webinars.
    • Downloading large files without prior approval from Systems Management. 
    • Checking personal email accounts with County computers or devices. 
    • Online games or competition of any kind 
    • Instant Messaging services 
    • Other uses or content types deemed a burden or threat
  4. The Employee is prohibited from conducting personal business online while using County computer equipment. This specifically means any small business (of any kind) owned or associated to the employee in any way. Included would be anything related to additional employment, purchases, sales, online auction services, catalog companies, etc. related to an external business or employment. 
  5. Employees are prohibited from using their County assigned email address in any form of registration or enrollment on any website not directly related to County business. 
  6. The Employee should have no expectations of privacy while using the Internet. The County has the right and authority to monitor Internet use on all County owned or leased computers. The County also has the right to call up and review history of past e-mails or Internet use or conduct forensic recovery of past use on all County owned or leased computers.
  7. No software, browser add-ons (games, calendars, toolbars, tools, ticklers, scrollers, alerts, reminders, etc.) may be installed on County devices. 
  8. Employees are prohibited from installing or using any Internet browser other than the one installed on the computer.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED TO AR’s: Supersedes AR 16.15 adopted January 27, 2009; AR 16.05 dated June 22, 2010.