Administrative Regulation 16.09-1

SUBJECT: Custody and Ownership of County Technology Resources ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Systems Management


It is the intent of the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners ("County”) to establish policy for the custody and management of the County’s Information Technology resources. Systems Management is required to record the location of all hardware and software purchased, leased and/or used by the County.


  1. Only Systems Management may assign, relocate, replace, or reassign Information Technology (IT) equipment to balance need, capacity, and network requirements. This includes moving equipment or software from one location to another to maximize efficiency or minimize budget impact. Enterprise or Grant funded equipment may only be relocated within that Enterprise or grant funded location.
  2. Only Systems Management may install or relocate IT Equipment, exchange, remove, or replace IT components. 
  3. Employees must not attach or install non-County hardware to County IT resources or install any non-County software on County resources.
  4. Computer equipment and software is budgeted and assigned to a specific job classification, not the employee filling that position. If a position is relocated, the hardware and installed software will be transferred with the position. If an employee transfers to a new position, they will use the equipment located at the new position. An individual employee has no claim or ownership in equipment or software. The only exception is for equipment or software in support of ADA accommodations which may follow the employee as they transfer roles throughout the County.
  5. Systems Management has custody of all original software media, licenses and registrations after installation. The media may be required to recover from a catastrophe and may have license keys required to activate the software. Systems Management must store the media in the fire-resistant media room. The documentation and manuals, if any, can remain with the employee(s) using the software.
  6. Equipment and software purchased with enterprise or grant funds will remain with their respective cost centers until the equipment is disposed of. For security and support purposes, Systems Management may terminate support and network access if the equipment becomes obsolete, serves no useful function, its continued use is uneconomical or inefficient, or it has exceeded its useful service life. Systems Management will make all decisions relating to the suitability of hardware and software for continued use outside of the normal replacement cycle.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes AR 16.09-2 adopted January 12, 2016, Supersedes AR 16.09 dated May 25, 2010.

Last edited by Todd Dunn on September 28, 2023