SUBJECT: Procurement of Information Technology Hardware and Services Policy ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Systems Management


It is the intent of the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (”County”) to establish budget and procurement procedures that ensure that every acquisition of Information Technology (IT) conforms to current guidelines, is compatible with existing systems, and is obtained at the best value.


  1. Systems Management shall maintain a list of Information Technology Categories (“Technology List”) that is reviewed and updated at least annually, to reflect the current state of the IT marketplace. The Technology List shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the County Intranet in the Systems Management section.
  2. The life cycle of an item in may be based on age, functionality, type of use, warranty length, or external influences that limit its usefulness. Systems Management shall establish and maintain general standards for replacement. During the Phase One Budget process, Systems Management will notify Directors of those items which should be budgeted for replacement or upgrade due to workload or obsolescence.
  3. All IT purchases must be approved and ordered by Systems Management, except purchases of small consumable IT items identified in the Technology List.
  4. Any items that require connectivity to the County’s network must use technologies, standards, and protocols already in place. Systems Management is not obligated to enable or install new technologies to accommodate a device that is not standard to the County.
  5. Systems Management must approve IT systems that are bundled with other procurements and that are intended to connect to County IT resources. Examples include (but are not limited to) HVAC controls and monitoring systems, power monitoring systems, door lock controls, network-based cameras, or fingerprint scanning systems.
  6. In the event an unbudgeted request is approved for any device requiring additional network or electrical wiring, technology installations or services, the related expense is the responsibility of the requesting Division. This includes the cost of the wiring, wall jacks, and monthly service fees (if any). If the installation causes the County IT infrastructure to exceed capacity, or uses resources reserved for a device in an upcoming budget, the requesting Division(s) must bear the expense of funding the cost of the equipment and labor required to expand the capacity, if Systems Management cannot. Systems Management will not terminate or reduce the quantity or quality of a service to another Division to accommodate the purchase of a new technology, unless directed by the County Administrator.
  7. All equipment needs to perform within acceptable and predictable parameters. Systems Management shall establish standards and guidelines that leverage the equipment and services to their maximum benefit. There is considerable benefit in consolidating to certain vendors, IT hardware and software, and services.. This enables the County to leverage employee training and support to a small known line of goods and services so the staff and technology can be as efficient as possible. Utilizing County purchasing procedures, Systems Management will strive to acquire all hardware, software, and systems at the lowest price possible. Decisions on acquisition will not be based solely on lowest price.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes AR 16.10-2 adopted January 12, 2016, Supersedes AR 16.10 dated May 25, 2010.

AR 9.01-18 Purchasing Policy
AR 16.11 Internet of Things Policy

Last edited by Todd Dunn on September 28, 2023