Administrative Regulation 16.15-1

SUBJECT: Website Domain Names and External Web Links ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Systems Management


It is the intent of the Board of County Commissioners to establish a fair and reasonable policy relating to Internet links appearing on the County Website(s), and links provided to that website from external websites.


  1. Citrus County maintains its web site under the organization domain of and others specific to Offices, Divisions, Departments or programs.
  2. External Linking - Citrus County Government reserves the right to reject any request for an external link to any of its web sites.
  3. Citrus County Government links to government agency websites that participate in intergovernmental relations with the County as well as Citrus County’s official contracted newspaper for publication of Board Links to other organizations which partner with the County-on-county programs may be authorized by the Administrator subject to review by Systems Management for security and content.
  4. Any links to sites found to contain objectionable material will be deleted. Citrus County Government does not offer a link exchange, nor will it link to the personal web sites of individuals.
  5. Citrus County Government is not responsible for material outside of our web sites.
  6. Linking to the Citrus County Government web site - The dynamics of the Internet allow for infinite links from one web site to another without a site host being aware of the link from another site. Therefore, Citrus County Government is not responsible for content or views given on any web site connected via hyperlink to the Citrus County Government web site.
  7. Citrus County Government is not responsible for loss of link service and may discontinue a site link at any time.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES RELATED TO AR's: Supersedes A.R. 16.36 dated January 27, 2009; AR 16.15 dated September 28, 2010.