Administrative Regulation 16.16-1

SUBJECT: Electronic Storage Documents ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Systems Management


  1. Documents which have long-term significance shall be stored on the respective servers to ensure they are backed-up and saved off-site.
  2. Each employee with a connection to the County network has access to two or more directories on their assigned server.  The first directory is known as the home folder and is accessible only to the employee. Each home folder is located on a universal maintained by Systems Management. Within this directory, an employee has the ability to create sub-folders and store documents accordingly. Data stored within this directory can only be seen by the employee or someone specifically assigned rights to the directory.
  3. Each employee has access to a s e c o n d shared directory assigned to all the employees within their Division or Office. Employees can be allowed additional access to other subdirectories by prior consent of the Division Director. By default, users have full read-write access to divisional sub-directories.
  4. Division Directors shall determine layout and access rights within their directory in conjunction with Systems Management. Division Directors are responsible for reviewing rights which have been issued to employees within their defined directories. Systems Management will provide reports as required to aide in this effort.
  5. Documents deemed to have long term value s h a l l be stored either in an employee's network-based home folder, or in their Division’s shared directory. Systems Management will back up this data or will relocate this data for safe keeping. Documents stored on the personal computer's "C" drive, flash drives or other portable media will NOT be backed up or safeguarded and should be considered expendable.
  6. Documents that do not appear to be used or referenced will be archived off to an archival server. This server will use lower cost storage or storage services. The directory structure will be retained for easy retrieval.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES RELATED TO AR's: Supersedes A.R. 16.40 dated January 27, 2009; AR 16.16 dated December 7, 2010.