Administrative Regulation 17.09-1

SUBJECT: Electronic Communications Policy ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Systems/Records Management


Electronic communications generated by Citrus County employees is intended to facilitate County business objectives for employees and other business associates for communications, collaboration, research and/or other work-related tasks. The utilization of electronic communications can enhance the productivity of the Citrus County work force.

Electronic communications created or received in connection with the transaction of official business are public records subject to inspection and copying in accordance with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, and subject to applicable state retention laws and regulations, unless expressly exempted by law. Electronic communications with retention value should be transferred to the County’s Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) prior to deletion. 

The goal of this policy is to maximize and ensure proper use of this resource. 


  1. All Citrus County data processing and communications systems, including the email system, are Citrus County property and are intended for County business use only. 
  2. All Citrus County email data, including materials created, received or transmitted within the system are the property of Citrus County. 
    1. Employees should have no expectation of any privacy whatsoever regarding emails sent or received. The County has the right and authority to monitor email use on all County owned or leased computers. The County also has the right to call up and review history of past emails or conduct forensic recovery of past use on all County owned or leased computers. 
    2. The Citrus County email system must not be used for employee personal reasons or personal gain, to access, support or advocate non County related business or for any other non business purposes. Employees are not to send or receive personal email using their BOCC email account.
  3. The County, through its managers and supervisors, will review the contents of any employee's email activity whenever necessary for County business purposes. However, employees may not intentionally intercept, eavesdrop, record, read, alter or receive other persons' email messages without proper authorization.
  4. Every unique email sent or received is subject to compliance with Florida Statutes Chapter 119, Florida Public Records Law. E-mail retention guidelines can be found in A/R 17.10 “Electronic Communications Retention Policy.”
  5. Prohibited Uses
    The E-mail system is not intended to transmit sensitive materials or other similar information, which may be more appropriately communicated by written memorandum or personal conversation. Prohibited uses would include:
    1. Private information related to employees disciplinary actions or medical information. 
    2. Solicit, proselytize or participate in commercial ventures, religious or political causes, outside organizations, or any other non County job related solicitation or participation. 
    3. Create, access or transmit any obscene, disruptive, slanderous, defamatory, derogatory or otherwise offensive or illegal information. Among that which would be considered offensive is information which contain sexual implications, racial slurs, gender specific comments, or any other comment or material that offensively addresses someone's age, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, national 
      origin, or disability.
    4. Transmit copies of any document in violation of copyright laws.
    5. Transmit material which is specifically exempted from public inspection under Florida Statutes Chapter 119 - Public Records Law. For example, personal information (telephone, address, social security numbers) for law enforcement officers, firefighters, code enforcement officers or Judges, and their spouses.
    6. Seek information on, obtain copies of, modify files, data, or passwords belonging to other users. Also, users must not represent themselves as other users unless specifically authorized to do so in writing by a Department Director.
    7. Information which can compromise the integrity of Citrus County or Citrus County resources in any way. 
  6. The Internet email protocol is not a guaranteed delivery service. Do not rely on email to convey important or time-sensitive information as it may never reach your intended recipient.
  7. Users should not share their passwords with anyone else. Others might then use it to gain unauthorized access to the Citrus County email system. User passwords should be periodically changed to ensure security of the email system.
  8. Email Attachments:
    Email attachments are limited to a maximum size of 10 megabytes. Similar policies exist on most other email systems so employees are advised not to transmit emails larger than 10 megabytes. Internally, files that size should be shared via network servers. Systems Management should be contacted for information on transferring large files via FTP. 
  9. Any suspicious emails from known senders with illogical subject lines, or emails received from unknown senders should be treated with caution as if it were a virus. Contact Systems Management if you think an email is valid but it looks suspicious. Otherwise, delete the message without opening it. 
  10. The BOCC uses spam filtering to prevent unsolicited bulk email from entering the system. It is the responsibility of the email user to review their blocked email to ensure valid emails are not being quarantined. 
  11. Configuring email clients on BOCC computers to access non-BOCC email servers is prohibited. 
  12. Registering a BOCC email address on a website is strictly prohibited unless the website is BOCC business related. Systems Management reserves the right to block emails received from non-business entities. 
  13. Only BOCC email accounts can be used to conduct BOCC business. Using personal accounts, accounts provided by an Internet Service Provider to a remote site, or free web-based accounts are prohibited for BOCC business use.
  14. Each Department director shall provide every full or part time employee, volunteer, or other individuals who are provided access to Citrus County's E-mail system with a copy of this policy and an email policy acknowledgment form to be maintained in their Personnel file. 
  15. Full and part-time Employees, volunteers, and other individuals who are provided access to Citrus County's E-mail system should keep in mind that they represent the County and must conduct themselves appropriately at all times and in compliance with this policy. 
  16. Employees who misuse E-mail privileges shall be subject to progressive discipline up to and including termination.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes AR 16.30 dated January 27, 2009, AR 17.09 dated October 11, 2011.