Administrative Regulation 1.01-1

SUBJECT: Introduction PRIMARY DEPARTMENT: County Administrator/County Attorney


This manual contains the general administrative policies and procedures of Citrus County Board of County Commissioners, in the form of Administrative Regulations (ARs). As such, it is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide for action by all County personnel and provide policies governing all County operations.

In addition to this Manual, it is anticipated that some departments and offices may find it appropriate to promulgate intradepartmental or interdepartmental procedural manuals. In order to coordinate the application of Administrative Regulations throughout the organization, provisions of manuals issued by departments will be subject to review by the County Attorney and the approval by the County Administrator prior to issuance.

In instances where there appears to be a conflict between adopted Administrative Regulation(s) and department manuals, then the AR will govern. Where AR’s may be at variance with provisions of County contracts, ordinances, or State Statues, the latter will prevail.

It is incumbent on each supervisor to become familiar with and knowledgeable of the provisions of the County's AR's. Periodically new or revised AR's will be issued and all staff are responsible for staying up to date on changes. The issuance and all automatically supersede any policy or procedures outstanding covering the same subject or substance. Failure by Department and Division Directors or other employees to follow the policies and procedures outlined could result in administrative or disciplinary action.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR's: Supersedes AR 1.01 dated September 28, 1981