Administrative Regulation 1.02

SUBJECT: Administrative Regulations ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: County Administrator/County Attorney


  1. This Manual of general administrative policies and procedures consists of Administrative Regulations (AR's) grouped into nine areas of concern. In addition to this first section containing introductory material, the subject areas covered are:
    • Administration
    • County Commission Relations
    • Intergovernmental Relations
    • Citizen Communication
    • Finance
    • Employee Relations
    • Facilities and Equipment
    • Purchasing
    • Civil Preparedness
  2. The AR's are numbered using a decimal system so that, as the need arises, additional AR's may be added, or present AR's modified, in the future. A suffix number (-1) is used to indicate the initial revision of a policy or procedure and subsequent revisions (-2, etc.). For the same reason, the manual is in loose-leaf form rather than a bound document.
  3. The AR's contain two types of information: policies established by the County Commission as the guidelines under which this Administration operates; and operating procedures which cut across departmental boundaries and affect several, if not all, departments.
  4. The basic format of the AR's is as follows:
    1. The heading contains the title and decimal index number of the AR, the date of the original issue or the date of the latest revision, the name of the department originating the AR, the initialed approval of the AR by the County Administrator, per County Commission action, and the name of the department where more detailed information can be obtained.
    2. The section entitled POLICY presents the regulations established by the County Commission relevant to the subject of the title. These regulations are the official administrative policies of the Board of County Commissioners.
    3. The section entitled PROCEDURE presents the specific procedures, which are necessary to carry out the policies of the County and can be authorized by the County Administrator, based on policies set by the County Commission.
    4. At the end of each AR is a note indicating where related AR's or information in the Administrative Code is contained.
  5. Questions regarding development of new Administrative Regulations, revisions to existing AR's or comments regarding the format of the Manual and the AR's should be directed to the County Administrator.