Administrative Regulation 2.07

SUBJECT: Naming of County Owned Property or Facility ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: County Administration

The naming of a county owned property or facility including rooms, fields or roads is a legislative function of the Board of County Commissioners. The following policy is established to facilitate this process.

1. At the public meeting, the Board may direct staff to issue a "Notice of Intent to Name County Property or 
  Facility” whereupon the County Administrator shall form an ad hoc Names Selection Committee and shall cause such notice to be published herein. The Names Selection Committee designated at the discretion of the County Administrator may include, a representative of the department with an interest in the property or facility to be named; a representative of the County Administrator’s Office; a resident of the County Commissioner’s district where the property or facility is located; a representative of the Library Advisory Committee (if a library is involved); a representative of a local historical group; or any other group with a vested interest.
2. In naming any County-owned property or facility, consideration shall be given to:
  1. The function and geographic location of the property or facility;
  2. Any historic events relevant to the site of the property or facility;
  3. Any benefit from leaving the property or facility unnamed.
If the proposed name is to recognize the contribution of a real person, then the standard of Section 267.062 FL Statute shall be observed. Section 267.062, FL Statute, provides that no state building, road, bridge, park, recreational complex, or other similar facility shall be named for any living person and further provides that the naming of such facilities, in consultation with the Florida Historical Commission, shall be limited to those "person whose contributions to the state have been of such significance" to warrant naming thereafter.
3. It is the desire of the Board to obtain the greatest citizen input and participation regarding the naming of any
  County-owned property or facility.
In furtherance of the policy objectives stated above, the "Notice of Intent to Name County Property or Facility" shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation. The Notice shall run in a portion of the paper other the "legal notices". The Notice shall indicate the location of the property or facility and whether there is any known historical significance. The Notice shall inform the public that the Names Selection Committee will be accepting proposed names over a specific period (which shall be no less than seven (7) days and no more than thirty (30) days following date of publication) and the Notice will further state the last date on which proposed names will be accepted by the committee. The Notice shall provide an address where proposed names may be sent (all proposals shall include an explanation of why that property or facility should be named after the person proposed and include any supporting documentation). Finally, the Notice shall include a brief summary of the selection criteria and that the named person shall not be any living person.
4. The following criteria shall be considered by the names Selection Committee in reviewing and recommending 
  names to the Board:
  1. Geographic Location: The Committee shall take into account any unique geographic features the property or facility has and further take into account common community or neighborhood characteristics based upon its location. 
  2. Historical Significance: The Committee shall take into account any historical significance the property or facility may have had.
  3. Contribution of the Deceased: The Committee may not consider the name of any living person. In order for any County-owned property or facility to be named after any deceased person, such individual shall have positively influenced the County at the time such person was alive, and which may be evidenced through significant community involvement, civic participation, charitable work, prior donation of real or tangible property or funds to the County, or some combination thereof.
5. Upon being formed, the Names Selection Committee shall convene a meeting and subsequent meeting as
  necessary. All deliberations of the Committee shall be pursuant to this Administrative Regulation and shall be purely advisory in nature. The Committee’s recommendation, along with a complete list of all names considered, shall be submitted to the Board within sixty (60) days of the Committee being formed unless granted an extension by the Board.
6. Upon the Board taking action to name any property or facility, the ad hoc Names Selection Committee shall
  automatically disband.
7. The renaming of any County-owned property or facility shall follow the same procedure as outlined above.
8. No property right shall be conferred upon any entity, successor, heir, relative or any other person as a result
  of the naming or renaming of any County-owned property or facility hereunder.
9. The Board expressly reserves upon itself the right not to name or rename any County-owned property or
  facility for any reason or no reason