Administrative Regulation 2.14-2

SUBJECT: Clean Indoor Air Policy ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: County Administration


In accordance with Chapter 386, Florida Statutes, “Florida Clean Indoor Air Act,” the Board of County Commissioners of Citrus County does hereby adopt the following policy regarding smoking areas in buildings owned and/or governed by the Board. This policy follows the legislative intent of the Act to protect the public health, comfort, and environment of creating areas in public places and at public meetings that are reasonably free from tobacco smoke. This part shall not be interpreted to require the designation of smoking areas. However, it is the intent of the Legislature to discourage the designation of any area within a government building as a smoking area. Therefore, unless an area is a designated smoking area, smoking is not permitted.


  1. Smoking is specifically prohibited inside all County owned and leased buildings.
  2. This policy shall be posted in a conspicuous location in all County buildings. Maintenance Operations Division will supply signs for assigned outside smoking areas and assist in posting such signs. Signs will be replaced as necessary.
  3. Smoking at County facilities shall be limited to designated smoking areas.
  4. Smoking is specifically prohibited inside all county owned or leased vehicles.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES RELATED TO AR’s: Supersedes AR 2.14 dated October 4, 1994 and AR 2.14 dated October 28, 1997.