Administrative Regulation 2.17

SUBJECT: County Procedures for Management of Health Department ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: County Administration

  1. It is   the   intent   of   the   Board   of   County   Commissioners   to insure proper accounting/management control of the Citrus County Health Department and that it complies with all State standards for hiring, accounting and budgeting.
  2. This Administrative Regulation is intended to define the relationship that exists between an agency managed jointly by the Board of County Commissioners and the State and insure proper accounting/management control among all parties.
  3. It is intended that the Board of County Commissioners will assist the Citrus County Health Department in their strategic planning process by providing guidance and input related to public health services.

  1. Citrus County Health Department Administration and County Administrative Staff will meet on a quarterly basis to review budget request for coming fiscal year, quarterly contract management variance reports, and other matters related to budget, capital improvements and service delivery.
  2. The Citrus County Health Department will submit a budget to the Board of County Commissioners similar to the budget submitted to the State, on an annual basis.
  3. The budget presented by the Citrus County Health Department shall include a personnel summary of all current and proposed employees and all proposed capital outlay expenditures for the coming fiscal year.
  4. A separate detailed budget of Environmental Health Section will be included in the budget submitted for the coming fiscal year. The Environmental Health budget is intended to be predominantly self-supported by local and state mandated fees generated through Environmental Health activities.
  5. In addition to normal State requirements, any fund or personnel changes, transfers or additions in the Citrus County Health Department Trust Fund during the fiscal year shall be approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s:  Supersedes AR 12.02 dated September 21, 1982; AR 12.02 dated April 10, 2001; AR 12.02-1 dated August 10, 2010