Administrative Regulation 2.23

SUBJECT: Guidelines for Drug Seizure Fund Grant and Application ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Administration


To establish rules and regulations relating to the drug seizure fund grant and application process that falls under the jurisdiction of the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). 


  1. The Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) offers Drug Abuse and Education Grants to agencies and organizations meeting all requirements of Florida Statutes for Drug Seizure funds.
  2. An agency or organization that wishes to receive funds shall apply to the Sheriff for an appropriation; and the application shall be accompanied by a written certification that the funds shall be used for an authorized purpose. Applications are available from the Citrus County Sheriff.
  3.  Applicants must conform to the BOCC’s policies and procedures as specified. Applicants failing to conform to the policies and procedures will not be considered for funding. All funding requests must be approved by the BOCC. Organizations are required to submit a final evaluation report, including an itemized expenditure spreadsheet, within 60 days after the event. Funds will be reimbursed after all post-evaluation forms have been submitted.


  1. Application must be submitted to the Sheriff's office two months prior to the BOCC meetings in March, June, September and December. Timely submitted, completed applications will be considered at a special meeting of the BOCC.
  2. Deadlines are strictly enforced. The applicant must submit a completed hard copy application to the Sheriff’s Office either in person or via mail at: 
    • Citrus County Sheriff’s Office
      1 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
      Inverness, FL 34450-4968
  3. Deadlines are strictly enforced. Applications that fail to meet the deadline must be resubmitted for consideration during the next funding cycle.
  4. There are no guarantees that applicants will be awarded funding. Even though a project may qualify, limited funds may not allow all projects to receive funding. Decisions regarding the award of funds are at the sole discretion of the BOCC.


The Sheriff and BOCC accept grant applications from organizations that meet all requirements of the State statute and promote drug education or assist with drug abuse.


  1. The Sheriff or his designee will review the grant application and will certify whether the request meets all statutory requirements prior to BOCC review.
  2. At the applicable BOCC meeting, the BOCC will evaluate each grant The BOCC, at its discretion, may approve or reject any application.
  3. There are no guarantees that applicants will be awarded funding. Even though a project may qualify, limited funds may not allow all projects to receive assistance. Decisions regarding the award of funds are at the sole discretion of BOCC.


  1. Requests for funding will be evaluated on alignment and consistency with State Statute and program/event impact on Citrus County.
Per Florida Statute 932.7055 (5)(c) Any agency or organization, other that the seizing agency, that wished to receive such funds shall apply to the sheriff or chief of police for an appropriation and its application shall be accompanied by a written certification that all moneys will be used for an authorized program. Such requests for expenditures shall include a statement describing anticipated recurring costs for the agency for subsequent fiscal years. An agency or organization that receives money pursuant to this subsection shall provide an accounting for such moneys and shall furnish the same reports as an agency of the county or municipality that receives public funds. Such funds may be expended in accordance with the following procedures:

Such funds may be used only for a school resources officer, crime prevention, safe neighborhood, drug abuse education or drug prevention programs or such other law enforcement purposes as the BOCC deems appropriate.
B.  Citrus County is not responsible for any debt incurred for the Grant funding limits are subject to final approval by Citrus County.

C.  All events must take place after the BOCC meeting where the funding is voted

D.  Applications must conform to the policies and procedures specified by the Any application that is not in compliance will not be considered for funding.


  1. All funds must be used in accordance with Florida State statute on the use of Drug Seizure funds and must be accompanied by a written certification that the request complies with the provisions of the law. 
  2. In the event that the grant application is approved by Citrus County, the County shall maintain the right to refuse to provide funding for any program or event that does not comply with the guidelines set forth in this application and as set forth by State statue.


  1. The BOCC requires grant recipients to submit the complete final evaluation report within 60 days of the program/ event before the grant funding will be issued.
  2. Payment will be processed as follows:
    1. Copies of all invoices and proof of payment are required for all items that are seeking to be reimbursed.
    2. Invoices received will be reviewed, coded, and submitted to the Citrus County Finance Department for payment or reimbursement.
    3. Invoices received where the event’s identity cannot be determined will be returned to vendors as incomplete.
    4. Grants will be considered closed 60 days after the event with invoices submitted for approval along with the final evaluation report to the BOCC. No further costs shall be paid by the BOCC regardless of any credit balance remaining in the grant, unless an exception is granted on a case-by-case basis solely at the discretion of the BOCC.
    5. Failure to submit invoices in a timely manner may result in denial of funding for future events.


If a Program/Event loses its sustainability, the organization disbands, goes out of business or the event does not take place, the Sheriff will bring to the BOCC for discussion regarding funding for the event. If the BOCC decides that termination of funding is appropriate, then no further funds shall be expended for the Program/Event.


  1.  A Final Evaluation Report is due within 60 days following the date of each scheduled Program or Event. The criteria to be followed in completing the form are listed below and available on the website. The report requires specific details describing the following in relation to the Special Project/Event:
    1. Estimated benefit to the community
    2. Copies of all invoices
    3. Itemized expenditure spreadsheet
    4. Detailed budget reconciliation
    5. If applicable, proof of non-profit status
    6. Three examples of success, and three areas of challenge, including potential solutions
        B. All grant recipients are required to maintain accurate financial records. All grants are subject to audit by the Citrus County                        Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller.


(Checklist for presentation to BOCC)
Please Provide the Following. Some of the below can be covered in the application questions:
  1. Event description (detailed)
  2. Event name/ event dates
  3. Amount requested
  4. Detailed Event Budget: all sources of income, all expenses
  5. How will Citrus County benefit from the project?
  6. List past Seizure funds funding, if applicable (year, event, requested amount, awarded amount, spent amount).
  7. How do you intend to accomplish your slated objectives?
  8. Itemized expense spreadsheet