Administrative Regulation 7.08-1

SUBJECT: Employee Equipment Policy ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Human Resources


Upon entering County employment, an employee is provided with County equipment and/or assets to conduct their job. On those occasions when the equipment is formally assigned to the employee for their sole use, the employee assumes responsibility for these items, their proper care and maintaining them in good working order.


  1. Each Department/Office will utilize the Checklist For Items/Equipment Assigned to document and track the equipment assigned to employees.
  2. Should a piece of equipment fail, become damaged or be lost, the employee will notify their supervisor within 3 working days. If the damage/loss is determined to be the result of negligence or misuse, the employee may be held responsible for repair or replacement.
  3. Should additional items be provided, or replacement equipment assigned, the checklist will be updated at the time of assignment.
  4. Upon cessation of employment, an employee shall return all inventoried assets to their supervisor prior to their last day of work. Failure to return all assets may result in withholding leave compensation and/or legal action to recover costs.
  5. Each Department/Office shall periodically conduct an audit regarding assigned equipment to confirm their condition and possession by the employee to which they were assigned.
  6. All employees are prohibited from using assigned equipment for their personal use unless specifically authorized by existing County policy.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes: AR 7.08 dated February 9, 2010.