Administrative Regulation 7.13-2

SUBJECT: Filing a Budgeted Position With a Lower Job Classification ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Human Resources


A budgeted position which is vacant may be changed to a lower job classification pursuant to the provisions listed below. 


A department/office director may request permission to employ a person for a lower budgeted job classification in order to fill a position for specific reasons, such as
  1. unavailability of qualified applicants for the established classification
  2. lack of required licensure on the part of the person selected
  3. significant changes in job assignments and/or job requirement
  4. other reasons as deemed appropriate by the director 
The request shall be submitted with supporting justification to Human Resources for review. The Human Resources Director shall forward their recommendations to the County Administrator for final action. The Department of Management and Budget will be informed of any approved changes. 

Approval of the recommendation by the County Administrator will not result in the proposed change until the required budget modifications have been completed. 

Questions concerning this procedure shall be directed to the Human Resources Director.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR's: Supersedes: AR 7.13 dated April 1988, AR 7.13-1 dated January 6, 1999.