Administrative Regulation 7.24

SUBJECT: Wellness Fund Expenditures ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Human Resources


The County periodically receives funds from our Health Insurance Administrative Services Agreement provider, to promote “wellness” programs which promote and encourage healthy lifestyles which lower the County’s health insurance costs. These programs are open for participation to any employee who is enrolled in our health insurance program. The purpose of this policy is to outline the types of expenditures that are appropriate and consistent with the County purchasing policies as it relates to Wellness Funds. 


This policy will define what expenses are acceptable to use the wellness fund. Whether it is equipment, training, seminars, sporting equipment or any other item, it will be available to all employees who are currently covered under the County health insurance program.

In determining covered expenses, all expenses must comply with the current County Administrative Regulation Purchasing Policy.

Expenses determined to be eligible would include, but not be limited to, the following:

Lunch and Learn programs, which might include flyers, food and drinks, sponsor fee, give away items related to the topic of training.

Exercise equipment, for common areas, including: exercise mats, exercise bands, hand/wrist/ankle weights, dumb bells, exercise equipment, or other similar items.

Nutritional cooking classes (covering issues such as weight management, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, pregnancy, health eating, etc), which might include: food and drink, sponsor fee, give away items related to the topic of cooking class.

Competitive events, which might include: walking challenge, yoga challenge, weight loss challenge.

Any other item which might be considered directly related to a wellness initiative, wellness activity, wellness class, wellness celebration, etc., would be considered on an individual basis