Administrative Regulation 7.26

SUBJECT: Veterans Recruitment Plans  ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Human Resources


Citrus County, Florida (the “County”) is committed to successfully recruiting, hiring talented and skilled veterans into its workforce. The County recognizes the extensive training, experience, and transferable skills gained through military service and recognizes the challenges associated with the transition to civilian life and employment. 


The County seeks to encourage individuals eligible for veteran’s preference in accordance with Florida Statute Section 295.07, to pursue employment opportunities with the County. The County’s Veterans’ Recruitment Plan is designed to meet established recruitment goals as required by Section 295.07(6)(a), F.S., and to increase the awareness among 
veterans of employment opportunities within the County.


The following recruitment goals have been established by the County with the intent to increase veteran’s awareness of employment opportunities, as well as assisting with the successful navigation of the general recruiting and onboarding procedures. The goals will be met on an annual basis unless otherwise stated or revised.
  1. The County will participate in at least one (1) job fair (virtual or in-person) exclusively for hiring veterans. In addition, the County will seek out opportunities to attend exclusive veteran hiring events. The job fairs will be hosted by public or private organizations which provide or support employment services to veterans or those eligible for veteran’s preference as described in Section 295.07, F.S.
  2. The County will advertise employment opportunities on its public website, in addition to CareerSource, and/or Employ Florida Vets, to expand veterans access to vacancies.
  3. The County will actively engage with candidates requesting veteran’s preference to ensure that proper documentation is submitted to the Human Resources Department.
  4. The County will state in recruitment materials that the County values the service veterans and their family members have given to our country and that the County supports the hiring of returning service members, military spouses, and their family members.