Administrative Regulation 8.01-2

SUBJECT: Access Control of County Buildings & Facilities ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Public Works


In order to facilitate access to County employees in a uniform manner and provide security and access control to all County buildings and facilities the following policies and procedures shall be in effect.


  1. The Courthouse will remain on the MEDECO key
  2. The Lecanto Government Building will remain on the SCHLAGE key
  3. The Sheriff will continue to provide his own key
  4. All other County buildings will be keyed in compliance with the County Master Key
  5. Other County facilities when appropriate will also be keyed in compliance with the County Master Key Program.
  6. The Master Key System will be divided into tiers with each successive tier being more restrictive. Keys will be issued by position as follows:
    1. The County Administrator, Assistant County Administrator, and all Department/Office Directors will be eligible for issuance of a “C” master This key will allow entry to all County facilities with the exception of the buildings listed above.
    2. All Division Directors, Supervisory and Section Chief level employees will be eligible for issuance of a Department/Division master key. This key will allow entry to all facilities and buildings within a specific department or division. Departments and divisions that have field personnel who require access to multiple facilities may be issued a Department/Division level key upon approval of the appropriate Department and Division Director.
    3. Employees below the level of supervisor will be issued a building specific key as approved by the appropriate Division Director.
    4. Facilities Management personnel, Parks supervisors, crew chiefs and crew leaders will be issued key(s) as deemed necessary to their duties as determined by their Division Director, and approved by the Department Director.
Any exceptions to this policy will require written justification to, and approval by, the appropriate Department/Office Director. Any requests to provide additional tiers for internal building security will need the approval of the appropriate Department/Office Director and associated costs will be borne by the requesting department/office/division.

  • Gate keys for County facilities will be issued in a similar fashion. In the case of gate keys, the primary concern is to access the property; therefore, this policy addresses only the main gates of each facility.
    1. All other employees will be issued a Department/Division Gate key as required by job duties and approved by the appropriate Department/Office/Division Director. Gate keys will be specific to the facility.
Key Issuance and Return
  • Requests for keys will be made in writing to Facilities Management through the appropriate Department/Office/Division Director. Each key(s) will be numbered, logged, and the requesting Department/Office/Division will sign acknowledging receipt of the key(s). Facilities Management is the only Division/Department authorized to issue locks and keys or duplicate keys for County facilities.
  • When an employee separates from the County, all key(s) issued to the employee.
MUST be accounted for. The key(s) will be returned to Facilities Management.
  • On occasion, keys may be issued to private individuals or groups for access to County facilities. There will be a limited number of key(s) assigned for this purpose and the assigning Department/Office/Division will be accountable for all keys issued. These keys MUST be returned upon conclusion of the need for access. It is the responsibility of the assigning Department/Office/Division to conduct an annual audit of these keys.
  • Any re-keying costs necessitated by lost keys or unreturned keys will be borne by the Department/Office/Division responsible for the re-keying.
  • The attached key acceptance form [see Intranet] will be used for all keys issued by Facilities Management.
  • The attached log sheets [see Intranet] will be used by Facilities Management to track all keys issued. A separate log sheet has been created for tracking keys issued to non-county employees and is attached as well.
Facilities Management will be responsible for administration and coordination of this policy.

FOOTNOTES & RELATED AR’s:  Supersedes AR 8.01 dated February 9, 2010.