Administrative Regulation 8.06-3

SUBJECT: Facilities Maintenance ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Public Works


The Facilities Management Division will oversee all facilities maintenance work on County owned facilities. When warranted, the Division may contract the work in accordance with the applicable regulations. 


  1. Each department/division/office or constitutional office making a request for work to be performed shall complete a work order request form and forward the form via e-mail to the Facilities Management Division, with the Department/Division/Office Director or their designee. 
  2. In the event of an emergency, work requests will be accepted by telephone however, the requesting agency is still required to send a follow-up work request within 3 working days to properly track the work order. 
  3. If the work request is determined to be non-routine maintenance, the Facilities Management Division will provide a written cost estimate of the work to be performed to the requesting entity along with an estimated time frame for completion. If funds are identified and approved for the request, Facilities Management will schedule the work to be performed within the existing work schedule. Funds equaling the amount of the materials, (and labor in the event of a special funding district or enterprise fund), will be transferred to the appropriate accounts upon completion of the work. In the event of a large project, it may be necessary to transfer funds for materials prior to the work being done.
  4. Special funding districts, granting agencies, and enterprise funds may contract separately for maintenance items or projects.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES RELATED TO AR’s: Supersedes AR 8.06-1 dated August 25, 1998; AR 8.06-2 dated November 18, 2003.