Administrative Regulation 8.08-3

SUBJECT: County Vehicle Pool ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: County Administrator


  1. It shall be the policy of the Board of County Commissioners that a group of passenger pool vehicles (located at the Lecanto Government Building (LGB), and the Citrus County Courthouse) be available for use by Citrus County employees for County business purposes. Such use shall be considered a privilege and subject to conformance to all the requirements of this Administrative Regulation. Violation of these requirements may, among other actions, result in loss of this privilege.
  2. The Fleet pool shall be made up of vehicles that are currently underutilized/slated to be auctioned. Fleet Pool Vehicles are only to be used while an assigned county vehicle is being serviced/repaired and may not be taken out of county. There are a limited number of Fleet pool vehicles and are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. LGB/Courthouse pool vehicles are for in-county/out-of-county business meetings. Vehicle should be maintained at the highest level of cleanliness.
  4. Maintenance expenses will be budgeted for and managed by the Department of Management and Budget. Fuel expenses will be allocated to Departments/Office/Divisions on an equitable basis. The cost to repair damages caused by a user of a vehicle will be assigned to the using department/office/division.
  5. The Lecanto Government Building Customer Service Specialist and the Executive Assistant to the Board for the Courthouse pool vehicle are designated to perform the duties of dispatcher for this program and will have a key box and maintain sign- out/sign-in sheets. Such sheets shall be remitted monthly to the Office of Fleet Management.
A.  Use of tobacco products are prohibited in all County vehicles, including e- cigarettes, “spit tobacco” and vapes.


a. The County Administrator or designee shall administer a procedure that maximizes the usefulness of vehicles in this car pool while providing protection to the assets contained herein. The procedure shall include provisions for the following:
  1. Use of sign-out/sign-in sheet sufficient to determine use of and location of vehicles.
  2. A reservation practice.
  3. Reporting and responsibility for damages.
  4. Responsibility for fueling.
  5. Responsibility for maintenance and cleaning.
  6. Assignment of parking spaces.
  7. A procedure to be followed in the event of an unexpected mechanical failure or other loss of use of a vehicle.
b.  The County Administrator, or designee, may amend the pool car usage procedure to better use the vehicles or to better protect the County’s assets. Such amendment, however, will be in full compliance with the policies set out herein.

c.    The County Administrator may amend the sign-out/sign-in sheet to better use the vehicles or to better protect the County’s assets.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes AR 8.08 dated August 27, 2002. Supersedes AR 8.08-1 dated May 11, 2010. Supersedes AR 8.08-2 dated