Administrative Regulation 9.02-4

SUBJECT: Requisitioning Procedures ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Management and Budget


  1. A requisition shall be used to initiate a purchase order to procure items or services other than emergency, nonconforming, purchasing card, and petty cash purchases.
  2. All requisitions shall be for the purchase of items or services included in the current budget or as provided in AR 9.01 (latest revision), Purchasing Policy. The County Administrator or designee must approve all exceptions or substitutions.

  1. The Department/Office/Division requesting a purchase shall complete a requisition. The majority of the requisitions shall be done through the online requisitioning system but blank forms may be obtained from the Financial Services Department for special circumstances. 
  2. The description field on the purchase requisition form shall provide a detailed itemized description of unit cost including part numbers or other non-descriptive codes, quantity and total cost of items to be purchased. The use of part numbers or other non-descriptive codes alone is inadequate. If the vendor specifies other information, it may be added to or substituted for the above specifications if necessary. Please refer to AR 9.05 (latest revision) Purchase Orders, for requirements concerning the language on open purchase orders.
  3. The location to which the item or service will be delivered by the vendor shall be entered in the “Ship To” section of the requisition. The address where invoices are to be submitted shall be entered in the “Notes” section of the requisition.
  4. The name of the party requesting or inputting the purchase requisition shall be entered in the “Buyer” field of the requisition. This information will be listed as the “Requestor” on the purchase order. In no case shall the requesting and approving parties be the same person.
  5. Where purchasing procedures require that the County Administrator or designee approve the purchase, the online requisition shall be directed to the Department of Management & Budget Office (DMB). Refer to AR 9.05 (latest revision) Purchase Orders, for further instructions. After verifying all purchasing requirements have been completed, the Department of Management & Budget Director shall approve the online requisition.
  6. All requisitions require final approval by the Clerk’s Financial Services Department. If a requisition is completed manually, the Department/Division/Office shall consult a member of the Financial Services Department. If sufficient funds are not in the account at time of request, the County Administrator/ designee may approve the requisition in writing (memo or email), so that the Financial Services Department may issue the Purchase Order.
  7. Prior to issuing a purchase order, the Financial Services Department will pre- audit the requisition to ensure the purchase is in compliance with all Administrative Regulations, State Statutes, and Financial Services Standard Operating Procedures.
  8. If the requisition is denied at any of the above stages, the Department or Division will be notified by the denier. 
  9. Purchases of the following items and services are exempted from the purchase order requirement and invoices may be sent directly to the Financial Services Department for payment: 
    1. Monthly utility bills for electricity, telephone, and garbage and water/sewer service.
    2. Budgeted association membership renewals. 
    3. Budgeted subscription renewals. 
    4. Standing orders for updates or revisions of books, publications and software.
    5. Public assistance grant expenses for housing, utilities, funeral, and medical expenses as administered by the Housing and Support Services Divisions. 
    6. Advertising bills.
    7. Mail carriers bills (ex; UPS, USPS, Federal Express, Airborne Express) 
    8. Building rents and permits. 
    9. Late Fees/ Refunds 
    10. Legal Fees 
    11. Workers Compensation/Insurance Premiums (Health, Dental, etc) 
    12. Emergency Veterinary Services 
    13. Agency Invoicing Bills 
    14. Inmate Medical Bills 
    15. Employee Incentives 
    16. BOCC previously approved payments 
    17. Safety Boot Purchases 
    18. Fleet Management stock account purchases 
    19. Veterinary Supplies (including both Shelter Operating Expenses and Cost of Goods Sold)

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s:        Supersedes: AR 9.02-3 dated September 8, 2015, AR 9.02-2 dated March 10, 2015, AR 9.01.01-1 dated April 9, 1996, AR 9.01.01-2 dated April 6, 1999, AR 9.01.01-3 dated December18, 2001; AR 9.01.01-4 dated May 26, 2009, AR 9.02 dated April 27, 2010, AR 09.02-1 dated December 17, 2013, AR 9.02-3 dated September 8, 2015