Administrative Regulation 9.03-2

SUBJECT: Nonconforming Purchases ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Management & Budget


It is the intent of the Board of County Commissioners to minimize the occurrence of nonconforming purchases, unexpected purchases, or use of the “emergency purchase order” procedure set up in AR 9.06 (latest revision) or the petty cash procedure set up in AR 9.04 (latest revision).
A nonconforming purchase is a purchase exceeding $100 for which the Department/Office/Division does not have a purchase order, and which is not exempt from such requirement by AR 9.02 (latest revision) “Requisitioning Procedures”. 

Nonconforming purchases shall be made only when alternative methods of purchasing are not feasible. 


Upon receiving an invoice for a nonconforming purchase, the Department/Office/Division Director will forward it to the Clerk’s Financial Services Department. 

The Financial Services Department will route the invoice to the Department of Management & Budget for review through the online invoicing system. 

The Department of Management & Budget will review the circumstances leading to the nonconforming purchase and verify the availability of funds to pay the invoice. The Department of Management & Budget will approve/deny the nonconforming purchase invoice for payment through the online invoicing system. 

The Department of Management & Budget will also recommend steps to eliminate the future need for similar nonconforming purchases. 

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s:   AR 9.01.03, Petty Cash, Purchases.    AR 9.01.05, Emergency Purchases, Supersedes: AR 9.01.02-01 dated April 9, 1996, AR 9.01.02-2 dated April 6, 1999, AR 9.01.02-3 dated December 18, 2001, AR 9.01.02-4 dated November 1, 2005, AR 9.03 dated April 27, 2010, AR 9.03-1 Dated March 10, 2015.