Administrative Regulation 9.16-2

SUBJECT: Receiving Procedures ORIGINATING DEPARTMENT: Management and Budget


  1. For each purchase there must be a receiving action. The receiving action must include: 
    1. Inspection - to determine condition and quality.
    2. Counting - to verify receipt of the correct quantity.
    3. Receipting - for the property, to make sure that the vendor has been given proper credit.
    4. Reporting - so that payment may be made.
  2. The Department/Office/Division requesting a purchase shall have the responsibility for inspecting, counting, receipting, and reporting the incoming property.

  1. . Vendor invoices will be sent to the Clerk’s Financial Services Department for routing to the Department/Office/Division initiating the purchase.
  2. Generally, there are four types of receiving action:
    1. Receipt of a complete shipment of property purchased on a regular Purchase Order.
    2. Receipt of a partial shipment of property purchased on a regular Purchase Order.
    3. Receipt of bulk items ordered on an Open Purchase Order. 
    4. Receipt of materials or supplies ordered on an Open Purchase Order, but not delivered in bulk.
  3. One copy of the Purchase Order shall be used as the Receiving Report for complete shipments. It also shall be used as the final Receiving Report for shipments on an Open Purchase Order.
  4. For partial shipments on any type of Purchase Order, the Purchase Order number will be noted on the vendor’s invoice for the partial shipment.

FOOTNOTES & REFERENCES TO RELATED AR’s: Supersedes: AR 09.01.06-1 dated April 9, 1996, AR 9.01.06-2 dated April 6, 1999, AR 9.01.06-3 dated December 18, 2001, and AR 9.16 dated May 11, 2010, AR 9.16-1 dated November 16,2010