Adoption Information

Adoption Process and Fee:
Interested in adopting a new family member? We are here to help you find the one for you!
When you come to the shelter please bring your photo Identification and an open mind and heart. Our amazing staff and volunteers will work with you throughout your visit to help find the right companion for you.  

*Please note, Adoptions are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

When you have decided on the one (or two!) that you would like to add to your family you have two options:

  1. Adopt! If you choose to adopt, this means that the new addition is legally yours and you can take them home for endless snuggles and playtime without ever needing to come back to the shelter.
  2. Slumber Party foster: This option allows you to take home the dog or cat for two weeks without a formal adoption commitment. At the end of the two weeks (or before) you can choose to finalize the adoption or return the pet. Slumber Party is a great way to learn more about the pet and ensure they are the perfect fit for you. For example, you might think you want the energetic running partner and then decide you are more of a Netflix and snuggle pet owner.

What if I want to adopt a pet that is still on stray hold?
We are dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners, and therefore we honor legal stray holds of 3-5 business days to allow owners to reclaim their pets. If an animal is currently on a stray hold, an adopter may choose to put their name on the wait-list for the animal. If the owner does not come forward when the animal’s stray hold ends, the first person on the wait-list will be given first opportunity to choose to adopt or pass. If the first person passes or is not present at the designated day and time then the second person will be given the opportunity. If no one on the wait-list decides to adopt the day the animal made available for adoption, then the pet will be placed as available for general adoption on a first come-first served basis.

What is included in the adoption fee?
All pets are spayed/neutered, current on age and species appropriate vaccinations and flea and heart-worm prevention. Kittens under 6 months of age are tested for Feline Leukemia (FeLV), and Cats over 6months of age are tested for FeLV and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Dogs over 6 months of age are tested for heart-worm disease. If the dog is heart-worm positive, the treatment will be provided by our Veterinarian, at no cost to the adopter, sponsored by our generous community partner Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection (CCFAP).

*Standard Adoption fees: Dogs and Cats:
     Dogs/Puppies   $60.00
     Cats/Kittens      $35.00

*Adoption fees:
     Large Livestock    Varies
     Small Livestock    Varies
     Hens  $10.00
     Roosters $5.00
     Small Fur-bearers $5.00
     Exotic Birds & Reptiles Varies

Watch on social media for adoption specials and promotions.  We accept cash, checks, or credit cards for adoptions.  *Processing fee applies for checks and credit cards.