About Citrus County 4-H

What is a 4-H Clubs?

What Do Kids In A 4-H Club Do?

Clubs are the foundation of 4-H. A 4-H club is a group of five or more youngsters guided by one or more adults. A club can be any size from a small group of kids from the same neighborhood to a large group of youth from within the county. They can meet in any location from the leader’s home, to a church, or County building.

4-H is young people sharing, doing and learning together in all kinds of projects, events and activities in informal situations with guidance of their families and other volunteer adult leaders. Regardless of the structure, a 4-H group may involve 4-H families, neighbors, relatives and others. They will have fun learning and working together in the home, neighborhood and community.

Members choose projects that fit them and the places where they live. Group activities and events such as contests, trips, camps, fairs, shows and conferences provide additional opportunities and learning experiences. Most 4-H clubs have meetings once or twice a month. During these business meetings, decisions are made relative to group sponsored activities, community service efforts, project opportunities, fund-raising efforts, etc.

Depending on members' interests they choose projects on such topics as livestock, gardening, woodworking, bicycle care and safety, photography, aerospace and model rocketry and much more. 4-H members build life skills like decision-making, communication, citizenship, and leadership through their project experiences. They also meet new friends, and most important have lots of fun!

What Age Do I Have To Be To Join 4-H?
Youth ages 5 - 18 (as of September 1 of the current year), can be 4-H club members and can enroll in many different 4-H projects. Some exceptions for young adults with special needs.

How Can I Be Part Of A 4-H Club?
  • Join an existing 4-H club in your area.
  • Start a new 4-H club with your friends and neighbors.
  • Start a 4-H club at your school, after school or another location, like a military base.