Applicant Process Criteria

  1. The Homeowner submits a Grant Pre-Application online through SurveyMonkey (, by mail or in-person to: Citrus County Housing Services, 2804 West Marc Knighton Court #12 Lecanto, FL 34461.
  2. The application will be assigned a grant number for tracking purposes. If the grant application form is incomplete, the Housing Services Division will contact the applicant by the preferred method chosen by the applicant on the grant pre-application.
  3. The Housing Services Division will email daily the Water Resources Department to review the parcel number and confirm the location is not currently in the five-year master plan to have a possible sewer connection. If in five-year plan, the Housing Services Division will send the Homeowner an acknowledgement form which they must agree to, sign, and return to Housing Services to proceed with the application process. This acknowledgement states they understand they will be required to connect to the County’s Wastewater System once available and that the Homeowner still wishes to proceed. (This may be the case for Homeowners with current septic issues that need to be fixed/corrected and cannot wait due to environmental concerns.)
  4. The Housing Services Division will notify the Homeowner of the eligibility determination. If eligibility is approved, the Housing Services Division remits a Grant Reimbursement Checklist to the Homeowner by the preferred method chosen by the applicant. Please retain this checklist as it will contain your application number and will be needed for reimbursement. The eligibility approval will hold your funding but does not guarantee payment until all requirements are met. If eligibility is denied, the Housing Services Division will notify the Homeowner of the determination.
  5. The Homeowner selects the registered septic installer or the licensed plumber to obtain the plumbing permits to complete the septic upgrade. The Septic Upgrade Program Grant Eligible Invoices include the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) registered septic installer or a licensed plumber’s costs to remediate a Homeowner’s OSTDS to include nitrogen-reducing enhancements. The remediation of the OSTDS must be in a pre-approved area designated by FDEP. The installation costs include all required permit forms from the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) and the Citrus County Building Department.
  6. The Homeowner will be responsible for any additional costs or grant ineligible costs above the $7,000.00 amount.
  7. Upon completion of the site work, the Homeowner, registered septic installer, or licensed plumber requests the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) and Housing Department Inspection. If applicable a Citrus County Electrical inspection may be required.
  8. The Housing Services Division will review the packet and forward to the Grants Division for final approval.
  9. The Grants Division will review and award up to $7,000 in a grant reimbursement to the septic contractor, licensed plumber or Homeowner. Please allow time for the reimbursements to be processed.