Rental Development


Citrus County Housing Services
2024 Rental Development Application Cycle
Funded through 2024-2025 SHIP Allocation

The Citrus County Local Housing Assistance Plan requires that Citrus County advertise the notice of funding availability in a newspaper of general circulation and periodicals, at least 30 days before the beginning of the application period of any Housing Assistance Program. Under the State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program (SHIP) Citrus County announces the following housing program and availability of funding:

RENTAL DEVELOPMENTS that will benefit very low and low-income households in Citrus County, Florida. The maximum household income limits (adjusted for household size) shall be those that are published annually by the Florida Housing Corporation. The amount of funds that will be available for rental development activities shall be $340,000, this award will be contingent on funding availability. The activities must conform to the Citrus County State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Program-Local Housing Assistance Plan.

Applicants that are funded must contractually commit to follow the guidelines of SHIP. The maximum per unit SHIP subsidy shall not exceed $10,000 per unit.

SHIP Application period: July 4, 2024, through July 12, 2024. No applications will be accepted prior to July 12, 2024. Applications must be delivered by July 12, 2024, deadline, no later than 4:00 p.m. Applications received after the deadline will be disqualified; faxed and e-mailed applications will be disqualified. The address is Citrus County Housing Services, 2804 W. Marc Knighton Ct. #12, Lecanto, FL 34461.

All proposals must contain information such as economic viability, development feasibility, ability to proceed, experience of development team, use of local vendors and other factors. Applicants must have site control. The proposed development must be appropriately zoned for the intended use at the time of application. A maximum of $340,000 as a Local Government Area of Opportunity will be awarded for one (1) project. This award will be used as the local contribution required to obtain other project funding available through the State of Florida such as Tax Credits, HOME or SAIL. If an applicant qualifies for any other direct concessions, including but not limited to fee waivers or deferrals for the rental development in and by jurisdiction where the rental development is located, they will not qualify for the funding available through this NOFA. 

For more information on submitting a proposal for the 2024 Rental Development application, please contact Michelle Alford, Housing Services Director at (352) 527-7520.

Updated 6/07/24