Do I Qualify for Meals on Wheels?

Homebound senior citizens aged 60 and over, who are no longer able to leave their homes, will qualify for this program. "Homebound" is defined as being unable to leave the home without assistance.

What Will It Cost Me?
Your situation will be evaluated and discussed at the time of your assessment. There may or may not be a fee depending on your assessment. If you qualify, there is no fee, however, a donation is always welcomed.

What If I Don't Meet the Requirements?
If you do not meet the criteria that would provide meals at no cost, we could offer the meals to you for the delivery cost of $7.00 per meal, Monday - Friday. This means that the weekly cost for meals would be $35.00.

We are also able to offer Meals On Wheels to anyone who wishes to purchase the meals also. This program has enabled us to help individuals who suffer from disabilities and find it difficult to shop and/or prepare meals. You can purchase the meals for as long as you need assistance. They are a convenient way to ensure that basic nutritional requirements are being met.

What If I Am A Caregiver For My Spouse, Who Can No Longer Drive, But I Still Drive?
You may still qualify to receive a meal as the caregiver. The meal will help to provide you with relief from 24-hour care giving.

What If I Drive, But I Still Need Meals?
You are invited to participate in our Senior Dining Program located at four senior dining sites throughout Citrus County. Full activity schedules and entertainment are also a part of this program.

Are Meals Available In All Areas Of The County?
Meals on Wheels are available throughout Citrus County. Due to the logistics of delivering meals to more than 400 people on a daily basis throughout the county, and depending on your delivery location, you will receive either a weekly box of 5 frozen meals, delivered each Monday, or one hot meal (ready to be enjoyed), delivered each day around the lunch time hour, Monday through Friday.

Tell Me About The Meals
The meals are prepared by a caterer who specializes in “Meals on Wheels” programs. They are delivered on a daily basis every morning to one of four approved meal sites throughout the county. The meals are kept at proper temperatures from the time of delivery to our centers until they are delivered to your door, usually between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The meals are 30% of a recommended daily allowance of nutrients and are low in salt. The meals we offer are lower in sodium and fat, but not free of either.  We do not have special meals specific to special dietary needs.

For questions or for more information, please call 352-527-5930.