TRT 417 - USAR Team

Citrus County Fire Rescue special operations unit has a State Sponsored Urban Search and Rescue - Type 2 Light Technical Rescue Team "TRT 417". This team consists of specially trained firefighter team members covering USAR incidents for our county and also surrounding departments. TRT 417 has 21 field staff personnel, 5 administrative command staff, logistical support, equipment and apparatus to successfully cover any high angle rope, confined space, structural collapse, wide area search, trench collapse, or vehicle and machinery type rescue within our surrounding area. Our team is also required to be prepared with at least 6 on duty team members every day, if requested by the State, to assist with a major disaster event in Florida. USAR staff members are also full time firefighters covering daily fire, EMS, and brush fire operations, while also prepared to respond to a special operations incident.

These department personnel have been trained to a national NFPA 1670 operational standard, with some also receiving specialized training in other technical level disciplines. Other disciplines include water rescue, structural tower rescue, large animal rescue, and air rescue operations.

TRT 417 team members also work in unison with the Citrus County SMART team who also have combined training in law enforcement and USAR skills, Citrus Regional Hazmat Team HM-4C, Citrus County Animal Control for large animal well as the Fire Rescue Departments of Sumter County and The Villages, creating an incredible team of responders who can effectively cover most any large scale weather disaster or specialized incident quickly while waiting for additional State Task Force support if needed.

More unique operational duties of your Citrus County Fire Rescue USAR Team include wide area search of major woodland or disaster zones after a tornado, flooding, or a hurricane as well as large radio, structural tower, bridge, and power tower rescues of workers and victims from heights as much as 500 to 1500 feet.

Currently TRT 417's base of operations is Station 7.

Station 7 is the home of “Rescue 7”... a specialized Rescue Pumper operating as front line fire engine as well as a USAR toolbox hauling heavy rescue equipment.

This unit and its staff are also considered the Rapid Intervention Team or “RIT” used to secure firefighter rescue operations at large residential and commercial structure fires. This responsibility is covered by Rescue 7 staff due to the training, equipment, and similarity to USAR incidents.

Station 7 also houses “Tech 7”... a heavy duty F550 hauler to support additional shoring and heavy extrication calls, as well as "Shoring 7", a 25 ft enclosed trailer full of wood and building materials capable of mitigating a trench rescue or shoring support of a structural collapse.

“Utility 7” is an all terrain 4 wheel ATV, used to transport staff, support cave and wilderness rescues, and EMS patient transport out of inaccessible areas within our county forest and swamp areas.

TRT – USAR Training

Unified refresher training and testing is consistently done on an annual basis for all team members and supporting departments, with practical hands on scenario’s completed each month to maintain response readiness. Full records and documented skills are maintained to assure our team is prepared.

TRT 417 certified team instructors also conduct specialized Urban Search and Rescue NFPA 1670 FLUSAR certification classes. This is completed in the "Disaster City" portion of the Citrus County Fire Training Center. Most of the team members have been certified right here in Citrus County over the past 5 years. The USAR training field has been provided numerous props such as concrete slabs, large drainage pipe, housing debris, shoring wood and damaged vehicles...all from community supporters which help assist and elevate our level of training. Without these donations, TRT 417 would be at a loss in realistic training, and we greatly appreciate the support.