Watershed Management Plan

  • Citrus County Watersheds Map
  • Prescope Meeting - 03/28/07
  • Modernization Scoping Meeting - 04/26/07 
  • Modernization Scoping Meeting (slides) - 04/26/07 
  • Watershed Management Plan Overview - 05/09/06 

Citrus County, in cooperation with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) is preparing a countywide watershed management plan.

This is a phased, multi-year project for development of a Watershed Management Plan for flood protection in Citrus County using a watershed based approach to resource management consistent with the SWFWMD's Comprehensive Watershed Management (CWM) Initiative. This project will provide the information necessary for an effective flood control and management program for Citrus County. The Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) will be revised and updated to digital format (DFIRMs). Matching funds are available from the District through the Basin Cooperative Funding Program.

The Project Will Be In Five Phases As Follows:

  • Data Collection - collect, integrate and analyze the existing information pertinent to each watershed and create a database for analytical purposes. Data to include GIS, Digital Terrain Models and hydrologic data where applicable.
  • Watershed Characterization - Define the hydrologic parameters of the watershed such as basin and sub-basin boundaries, flow paths, control points, infrastructure inventory, storage and conveyance features.
  • Watershed Plan - identify and prioritize existing and future water resource management issues relating to water supply, flood protection, water quality, and natural systems. Develop preventative or remedial management actions to address the identified issues.
  • Implementation - includes immediate maintenance, level of service determination, stormwater infrastructure master planning, design, permitting, acquisition of easements, and construction.
  • Maintenance - ongoing review and evaluation to measure the effectiveness of the projects.

The District provides a 50% funding match though the Cooperative Funding Program. Applications must be submitted each year to request matching funds. Projects are prioritized to meet the greatest need and to balance the funding between the Coastal Basin Board and the Withlacoochee Basin Board. Additional funding from FEMA is being used to update the flood insurance rate maps.