Non-Residential Permitting Process

For A New Business Or Addition To An Existing Business:

Pre-Application Meeting

Customers are encouraged to schedule a pre-application meeting through the Building Division Non-Residential Review Coordinator. Pre-application meetings are offered at no charge and provide the customer an informal sit-down meeting with the review staff to discuss  submittal requirements and the sequences of required plan review and processes. To schedule a pre-application meeting please contact: Debbie Cribbs, Sr. Non-Residential Review Coordinator at (352) 527-5359 OR (352)-527-5310 and also via email at

Customer Submits Building Application Package

The customer submits a complete application package and the application fee to the Building Division Non-Residential Review Coordinator. For information on how to prepare an application package, please refer to the Non-Residential Application Checklist.

Site Reviews for Completeness

Staff reviews the submittal for completeness. Within three business days, staff will contact the customer if additional information is needed. The customer will be asked to provide the information and return the submittal for review. Once a submittal is found complete, the plans are routed for review.

Building / Site Plans Reviewed

Staff reviews the plans for adherence with codes. If corrections are needed, within seven business days, staff will contact the customer to make corrections and re-submit for review. Once the plans are approved, the customer will be notified that the plans are ready for issuance of a building permit.

Building / Site Plans Approved & Permit Issued

The customer pays for the applicable fees and the permit is issued.

Construction Activity Begins

The customer must post the permit card and have set of approved plans available at the site. All construction and site work must take place in accordance with the approved plans.  It is important that the customer contact the Building Division if there has been a change to the approved plans; failure to do so may result in failed inspection(s).

Construction Inspections Conducted

The customer is responsible for contacting the Building Division to schedule construction inspections. For more information, please refer to the Inspection Guide Sheet.

Site Compliance Inspections Conducted

The customer is responsible for contacting the Building Division to schedule all final Certificate of Occupancy and Compliance inspections to determine adherence with the approved plans.

Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Compliance Issued

The Building Division will issue the Certificate of Occupancy and the Certificate of Compliance once all required inspections have passed and any outstanding fees have been paid.


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