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What Is Waterfront Florida?

The Waterfront Florida Partnership, launched by the Florida Coastal Management Program in 1997, has been helping to chart a new course for its participating communities. The program was created to provide support, training,
innovative technical assistance, and limited financial assistance to communities striving to revitalize and renew interest in their waterfront district, areas which have a tradition of water-dependent vitality.

Why Old Homosassa?

Communities were selected based on their commitment to revitalize and renew declining waterfront districts that have traditionally focused on water dependent economic activities. The communities all have strong visions for the future that emphasize environmental and cultural resource protection; support of the viable, traditional waterfront economy; hazard mitigation and public access to coastal resources.

What has Old Homosassa achieved through the Waterfronts Florida Program?

pavilionCommunity Plan

Adoption of the "Old Homosassa community Redevelopment Area Plan" by the BOCC was the major goal of the community. Cooperation among the Old Homosassa community, local Citrus County government, and Florida Department of Community Affairs made this goal achievable. All involved agree that the Plan will form a basis for future development and redevelopment in Old Homosassa that is consistent with the goals of the community.

Also See:

  • Old Homosassa Community Redevelopment Area Plan (Comprehensive Plan)
  • Old Homosassa Land Development Code Standards.

water-towerNeighborhood Enhancements

Two projects which enhance the "Walk to the River" were envisioned by the community: The "Landmark" sign at the center of Old Homosassa and the "Information Kiosk" at the County Boat Ramp Parking Area. Additionally, the Water Tower was painted to announce the entrance to the "Walk to the River". The successful implementation of these projects during the second year of the Waterfronts Florida Program was the result of several partnerships as outlined above. These projects are intended to provide a sense of pride and identity to this historic community and to serve as an example for future development in the area.