Fresh Water Fish Attractors

treesFish Attractor Project

This project builds "fish attractors" within the Hernando, Inverness, and Floral City Pools.

These attractors are constructed by using suitable brush such as; citrus, oak, Christmas trees, etc., and anchor them to the lake bottom with floats attached to the upper part of the brush.

  • Monies derived from the additional $1.00 received from fishing licenses, no ad-valorem taxes are used
  • The Citrus County Landfill accepted Christmas Trees, (for free), for the project
  • This was a 3-year contract with Perry Construction
  • The Project started 02/01/2010 In the Inverness Pool
  • FWC will be conducting a creel study at the end of the project

Below Are The Lat & Long For These Reefs:

Region  Water Body  Attractor Name  Material  Latitude  Longitude 
Tsala Apopka Hernando Pool  Lake Dodd  105 Christmas Trees & 121 Oak Limbs  N28 56.857  W82 22.442 
Tsala Apopka  Hernando Pool  Hernando Lake  120 Christmas Trees & 115 Oak Limbs  N28 54.650  W82 22.046 
Tsala Apopka  Inverness Pool  Big Henderson  75 Citrus Trees N28 50.369  W82 19.482 
Tsala Apopka  Inverness Pool  Little Henderson East  200 Oak Limbs  N28 50.774  W82 19.997 
Tsala Apopka  Floral City  Floral City Lake South  160 Christmas Trees & Several Oak Limbs  N28 45.590  W82 17.025 
Tsala Apopka  Floral City  Hampton Lake  135 Christmas Trees  N28 47.108  W82 17.282