Storm Water


Stormwater Section works in cooperation with other county departments to reduce flooding and improve the water quality of our estuaries, lakes, and springs.

What Is Stormwater?

Stormwater is pure rainwater; plus, anything the rain carries along with it. As rain falls on an area, it percolates through the soils until it becomes saturated. When water cannot infiltrate anymore, it becomes stormwater runoff. This means stormwater has the potential to be a major source of pollution to our waterways.

**For further information on rain fall amounts and flooding within Citrus County**
View the South West Florida Water Management District Presentation to the Board of County Commissioners on September 14, 2021, by selecting the link below.

Stormwater MSBU

Currently, money for our stormwater program comes primarily from two sources: Gas taxes and stormwater Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) which has been included on Citrus County tax bills for several years.

The existing MSTU, which is millage based, will go to zero, and the gas tax funds will be shifted back to paving more roads.

Learn more about the existing MSBU here.

The money collected by the new MSBU will be used to clean up and improve the County’s stormwater system which includes:
  • 585 Drainage Retention Areas
  • 544 miles of canals and ditches
  • And over 3,200 drainage structures.
See some of our videos below for some of the examples of how we plan to utilize the Stormwater MSBU:

For properties that have a permitted, engineered stormwater system, they may qualify for the reduced rate or mitigation credit because a stormwater system is already treating the water before it enters the County’s system.

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