Water Meters

The water meters used by Citrus County Utilities are designed and manufactured to accurately measure water usage. Most residential water meters are guaranteed to be accurate by the manufacturer for ten (10) years. Older standard meters that have registered over one million gallons are replaced during an annual water meter replacement program.  However, due to high meter replacement costs, the program goal target is to replace at least 10% of the meters per year.

The majority of our water meters are located below ground level, near the street, in a plastic, metal or concrete meter box. Opening the lid of this box and wiping away or sometimes removing several inches of dirt will reveal the water meter. Most meters are comprised of a meter dials or digital readings, which correspond with the meter numbers that appear on your monthly billing statement.water-meter

Located inside the glass face of the water meter is a row of numbers, much like the odometer of a car. This is the meter register that indicates the number of gallons that have passed through the water meter since it was manufactured.

Beginning in late fiscal year 2016, CCU will be automating water meter reading and billing by linking water meters, distribution sites and control devices into two-way data communications.