Leak Detection Program

leak-detection-mapCitrus County Utilities has an aggressive and continuing leak detection program with two full time employees dedicated to conducting system water audits.  These assessments quantify volumes of real and apparent water losses, evaluate the financial impact of those losses versus the cost of corrective measures, and make recommendations to further improve the water systems’ efficiency.  The utility's goal is to inspect a minimum of ten percent of its systems each year.

In August 2011, the CCU team set out to inspect over 4,800 water meter boxes, all production wells and main water line valves throughout the Sugarmill Woods Water system. Working in conjunction with Southwest Florida Water Management District and the Florida Rural Water Association, the group was armed with electronic listening devices, steel probes and state-of-the-art equipment to locate hidden leaks in the water system. Over 125 leaks, assessed to account for twenty-seven million gallons of water, were repaired.  At an estimated thirty thousand dollars in cost, the system’s unaccounted for water loss was reduced from twelve percent to six percent

This is a map of the Sugarmill Woods water service area that identifies the location of each leak, as well as an estimate for its associated water loss.