Citrus County Celebrates GIS Day

The Citrus County Geographic Information System (GIS) Division will celebrate GIS Day on Wednesday, 
November 18, 2020. While global circumstances require GIS Day to be largely virtual this year, the 
Citrus County GIS Division will celebrate innovative applications of GIS technology in analysis, 
visualization, gaining insights into geospatial data, and thought leadership in the field of County 
Government Geographic Information Services.

Over 20 years ago, Jack Dangermond, the founder and president of Esri, envisioned people 
collaborating and sharing how GIS affects everyone. This led to the establishment of GIS Day, which 
was first observed in 1999. The explosion of geospatial technology since then has expanded that 
idea into a global event that shows how geography and the real-world applications of GIS are making 
a difference in business, government and society. It's a chance for organizations to share their 
accomplishments and inspire others to discover and use GIS.

“Geographic knowledge and systems are at the core of our ability to maintain infrastructure, manage 
resources, provide emergency response, and make informed decisions,” said Cynthia Skelhorn, Citrus 
County GIS Director. “We recently upgraded our GIS system to the latest Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 
platform, which enables us to provide more modern, standardized web maps and tools.  Our aim is to 
contribute to the welfare of Citrus County residents, businesses, and governmental operations by 
promoting GIS awareness and improving our map-enabled services."

This November, the Citrus County GIS Division will join hundreds of organizations worldwide in 
hosting virtual events that will celebrate the impactful work of GIS professionals and serve to 
ignite the imagination of the future innovators who will further advance global progress using GIS.

"GIS Day is a wonderful opportunity for professionals from around the world to get together to 
share the amazing things they are doing," said Dangermond. "This year, more than ever before, the 
work of GIS has helped the world better understand and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. 
Organizations across the globe are taking part in grassroots events that help celebrate geospatial science and how it impacts the real world for 
good. Our users should be proud of the work they do, which GIS Day is meant to showcase."

For more information on how the Citrus County GIS Division is innovating through the application of 
GIS, visit .