Citrus County Parks & Recreation Boat Launch Annual Passes Now Available

As of Saturday, January 1, 2022, boat launch fees took effect at the following County-maintained 
boat ramps: Ft. Island Gulf Beach, Ft. Island Trail Park, Hernando Beach, and MacRae’s. No other County 
boat ramps currently require launch fees. The fees collected will be used to maintain and improve 
Citrus County boat ramps.

Premium Parking Service, L.L.C, has been contracted by Citrus County Parks and Recreation to handle 
the collection and enforcement of the boat launch fees. Customers will have the option to pay the 
fees by downloading the Premium Parking app, using a QR code (located at the ramps), or contacting 
the customer service payment line at (844) 236-2011. Customers can choose to pay the daily launch 
fee or register for the resident or non-resident annual passes directly through the Premium Parking 

To purchase a daily or annual pass, please visit the Premium Parking website at or call (844) 236-2011 and dial “0” to speak to a 
representative. If you or someone you know is having issues with acquiring a pass, please contact 
Citrus County Parks and Recreation at (352) 527-7540.

Fees/Payment Information:

• $10.00 daily fee for launching a watercraft
• $25.00 annual pass fee for a resident of Citrus County launching a watercraft (with proof of 
• $75.00 annual pass fee for a non-resident of Citrus County launching a watercraft

Watercraft is defined as any and all kinds of flotation vessels designated for use on the water, 
whether or not motorized, including, but not limited to: boats, canoes, kayaks, jet skis, Skidoos, 
pedal craft, pontoon boats, rafts, inflatable craft, tubes, paddleboards, or wind propelled 
surfboards. One license plate is permitted per pass holder.

Only one annual pass/subscription per trailer tag is required to access any of these four County 
launches. Residency verification is required for the annual pass/subscription within 3 days of 
purchase. Customers will be required to provide a copy of their State of Florida ID/Driver’s 
License or utility bill with a Citrus County address to verify residency.

For more information, please contact Citrus County Parks and Recreation at (352) 527-7540.