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CHANGE to what we receive for verification of elevation compliance of anything other than a structure: i.e.: equipment servicing a structure: Permanently affixed generators, lift station controls, electric service providing power to pedestals in RV parks, etc. (Read More)


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Community Rating System -  Repetitive Loss Letters  


Recently, letters were sent to owners of properties mapped within a certain mile radius of structures labeled as REPETITIVE LOSS. The letters detailed FEMA programs for structure mitigation.  This outreach project is required by FEMA and is advisory in nature only and helps to save you as a property owner, 25% on your flood insurance policy premium if you have flood insurance.
(Community Rating System:  A program developed by FEMA to provide incentives for those communities in the Regular Program that have gone beyond the minimum floodplain management requirements to develop extra measures to provide protection from flooding)
Repetitive Loss property:  an NFIP-insured structure that has had at least 2 paid flood losses of more than $1,000 each in any 10 year period since 1978)


Change a Flood Zone Designation - Online Letter of Map Change


The following information describes FEMA's Online LOMC web application, which allows anyone to submit a Letter of Map Change (LOMC) request online. This page is intended for homeowners and other interested parties that wish to submit a LOMC application online instead of the paper form method.



Flood Insurance

Karla Grzeca, CFM,
Flood Management Specialist
(352) 527-5264

Jim Baird, CBO, CFM
Assistant Building Official
(352) 524-5321

Carl Jones, CBO, CFM
Building Division Director
Building Official, Flood Coordinator    
(352) 527-5310

Floodplain Management is Citrus County's program of preventive and corrective measures for reducing flood damage. Citrus County participates in the Community Rating System to reduce and avoid flood damage toinsurable properties.Find Your Flood Zone

Citrus County’s rating is currently 5 out of 10, which translates to a 25% savings in flood insurance premiums to properties located in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) and a 15% savings in flood insurance premiums to properties located outside the SFHA.


Floodplain Management Activities Include the Following:

  • Management of all development for properties located in the Special Flood Hazard Area
  • The coordination of Community Rating System activities that result in the reduction of flood insurance premiums within the County
  • The official community repository for all flood maps and Letters of Map Amendments
  • General assistance to the public, lenders, insurers and other professionals in obtaining copies of pertinent documents and flood zone research property specific
  • Coordination with our local, State and FEMA business partners


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