Public Comments During BOCC Meetings

For public input by email (preferred):
  • Citizens are encouraged to submit their comment to to be read into the record.
  • Please include the agenda item you are referencing in the subject line.
  • In your email message, include your name and physical address.
  • The message should be succinct and should be able to be read at a normal pace within three minutes.
  • For approved organizations, list your name and the organization name and your message should be able to be read in five minutes.
For public input by phone:
  • Call 352-341-8795 during the BOCC meeting.
  • Please call close to the time of the agenda item you wish to address.
  • Callers will be asked for their identifying information including name and address. (Exemptions will apply)
  • Please only call during discussion for the issue you wish to speak to, other calls will be holding.
  • Normal three minute per individual, five minute per organization rules will apply.
For public input by form:
  • Fill in your name and address.
  • If representing a registered organization, please enter the organization name.
  • Type in the Agenda Item you wish to comment on (ex: D. Open To The Public).
  • Please keep comments succinct and should be read within 3 minutes (300 word limit), or within 5 minutes (500 word limit) for registered organizations.
  • Use the button below to access the form.