Inverness Village Unit 4

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inverness Village Unit 4 (IV4)?
IV4 is a subdivision in unincorporated Citrus County, Florida, consisting of approximately 600 lots.

How can I tell if my property is part of IV4?
To determine whether a parcel is located in IV4, perform an address search on

Who is the developer for IV4?
The original developer, Continental Land Development One, Inc., defaulted on their bond in 1976. The IV4 lots were acquired by development company MARPAD, Inc. in 2004; this company underwent foreclosure in 2009. Citrus County is unaware of any land development company currently active in IV4.

Is Citrus County responsible for the construction and/or maintenance of the roads in IV4?
The rights of way (ROW) in IV4 were dedicated to the public but, because no roads were constructed, the ROW were not accepted for maintenance. By statute, Citrus County is not required to maintain the ROW.

Are emergency vehicles capable of navigating the roads in IV4?
Citrus County Fire Rescue is confident that the condition of the roads in IV4 will not impede emergency response to the area.

What is an MSBU?
An MSBU (municipal services benefit unit) is a special district created to provide for projects and/or services to a specifically defined area of the County and financed by a special assessment to only those citizens receiving the benefits of those projects or services.

What process is required to enact an MSBU?
To learn more about the policy and procedures for establishing an MSBU for maintenance of previously platted or dedicated roadways, visit

What options have been considered to bring down the cost of an MSBU?
All roads and stormwater systems installed in IV4 must be engineered, permitted, and constructed to Citrus County standards. The engineering study conducted in 2023 explored the most cost-effective, legally allowable option for installing infrastructure improvements in IV4.

Why did Citrus County continue to issue building permits in IV4 when SWFWMD has not issued an environmental resource permit (ERP) for development?
Citrus County cannot deny a permit because of some other agency's regulations. Per Florida Statute 553.79, “a building permit for a single-family residential dwelling must be issued within 30 business days after receiving the permit application unless the permit application fails to satisfy the Florida Building Code or the enforcing agency’s laws or ordinances."

When is an erosion control inspection required?
An erosion inspection is required to verify that controls are in place to protect any County-owned drainage right-of-way (DROW) from sediment caused by construction activities. As there is no drainage system in place in IV4, construction activities in the subdivision are not subject to erosion inspection.

What is the status of collaborative efforts between Citrus County and the City of Inverness to pursue grant funding?
County administration continues to work with the City of Inverness to identify potential opportunities to apply jointly for grant funding. In April, a meeting was held between county administration, city leadership, and appropriate staff members from both organizations (including Public Works and Engineering) to discuss items including drainage design and permitting, utility agreement(s) between the agencies, and use of septic-to-sewer grant funds in similar conditions. Any solution will take time; however, both agencies will continue to pursue strategies and opportunities.

Project Status

Supporting Documents
To view and/or download IV4 documents, please visit: Inverness Village Unit 4 Support Documents